6 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for warm sound

Who doesn’t love a warm sound? Especially when it comes out of an acoustic guitar. The times we are living in, music is something we go to seek comfort, the warmth which we sometimes miss in our life. Thus, it becomes important to get the best acoustic guitar strings for warm sound. Let’s learn about the meaning of warm sound first:

What do you mean by warm tone or warm sound?

In easy and simplified words, warm tone is something that is mellow and easy on the ears. Something that feels organic and pure like crystal yet dark and rich at the same time.

On the other hand, in terms of frequency, a warm guitar tone usually has strong frequencies bellow 800hz and around 6-7khz.

In terms of feeling, Warm tone to me is when each note is played from the soul.

Feels complicated, doesn’t it? Well, everyone has a different meaning and perspective on what warn sound is and its all about suiting to your idea of it.

Choosing Acoustic Strings

We all know the that an acoustic guitar is something that’s iconic and evergreen and there’s a solid reason for it. One of the many reasons is the incredibly rich and warm sound. In the screenshot, you will notice that the instrument has a full sound and all the sound frequencies from low to mids till the highs can be heard by the human ears.

Thus strings play a very important role in your acoustic guitar as they are one of the simplest yet the most effective way to affect the tone. So, today we have with us some of the best acoustic guitar strings for a warm tone.

Acoustic Guitar Spectrum Analyzer
Warm tone of an acoustic guitar

80/20 Bronze Strings vs Phosphorous Bronze strings

The main difference between the two is mostly the composition of the strings, the metal being used.

Now, 80/20 bronze strings are more old school, they are really loud and bright sounding and they cut through the mix even before the amplifier is put on. The material on this string is 80% copper and 20% zinc, the steel core is hex-shaped and is wrapped by the 80/20 alloy. However, the users say it does not last long.

On the other hand, phosphor bronze strings are more acoustic tamed that needs to be played on a microphone to really enjoy the sound. The material used in making these strings is 92% copper and 8% tin, the steel core is hex-shaped. These tend to last longer because of the percentage of element used that prevents corrosion. They provide better and warmer sounds than 80/20 bronze strings mainly due to the alloy in use.

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If neither of the above two interests you then, you can always go for silk-based strings. A lot of people find these softer for use.

Below is the information about some of the brands that sell strings for acoustic guitars, that will help you find something suitable according to your needs.

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List of Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Warm Sound: Hand-picked for you

Martin MM13 Retro Acoustic Guitar Strings

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for warm sound

There is no reason why one won’t love the strings. The company has always stood on its brand and the motto of providing the best quality product and believe me when I say, they have hardly disappointed anyone. The reviews of the strings made by Martin is amazingly good on the internet. People love how these strings are premium-priced and high quality.

They do not have the edginess when played which most new string have. They bring out a nice bass response and even nice and thick single note. There are 3 types of strings available by martin. First is SP, second is Marquise silk and third is Life span 2.0, available in both bronze and phosphor bronze. It is worth every penny!

DR Strings Rare – Phosphor Bronze AcousticHex Core 12-54

They are phosphor bronze strings are available at an affordable price. They sound brighter, more resilient and better tuned. They tend to last a reasonable amount of time. These are easy to put on in your guitar as they stretch really well. If you are someone who breaks the string on a regular basis using these strings are perfect for you.

Elixir 16052 Strings Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

They are good quality and sounds just right especially on big full-size guitars. Although, these strings do not hold tuning so well, you can get desired results by fiddling a little with them. The sound is loud and clear, something you won’t be able to miss. The only point that bothers here is that these strings are on a pricier side, but said so I can assure you it will not disappoint you. I would suggest if you have the money do make a purchase of this one.

Ernie Ball Everlast Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

The Ernie Ball brand is a newcomer but has already won a lot of hearts with its brand loyalty, that offers three very popular acoustic guitar strings. First, aluminium bronze, second is the earth-wood phosphor bronze and last but not the least earth-wood 80/20 bronze set. Each one of them have different and unique attribute. They give crisp, clear and high deep tones with a touch of warmth, Sounds perfect, right? If you are into silk-based strings, the brand has line of those too, all you have to do is choose your style.

Thomastik SB112 Spectrum Bronze Guitar Strings

This Austrian brand is quite popular and expensive for string market. I would recommend to buy this string only if you have the heart to spend that kind of money or are a professional. These strings sound just amazing, or rather perfect there is absolutely no complain you can ever get about the sound you will listen from these. The only negative review I came across for these were that they can be a little harder on your fingers. Other than that, it is an absolute delight to play with these on your guitar. If you decide to buy these, one thing I can assure is that you are going to fall in love with it.

John Pearse 700M Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Although the brand is not really popular in the market like the PRS guitars, the product is an absolute go for. There is nothing but only positive things I have got to say about these strings. They are great for acoustic guitars as they sound absolutely balanced on them which we all can agree is hard to find. These strings sound clear, have a warm tone and they offer you uniqueness at a reasonable price, what more can you ask for?


Finding the right kind of acoustic guitar string can be difficult and a tiring process. Not only that, the choice of the string can basically break or make your guitar play game. The choice you make can either be a blessing or a curse. Therefore, it is really important to take your time and research well before you chose to buy strings. I hope this article has helped you in understanding the different kind of strings available in the market and help you make an informed choice. I hope you all keep working hard and enjoy the music!

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