7 Best Acoustic Guitars with Low Action – A Musical Obsession

Science has proved, that learning any musical instrument, even a guitar, can improve one’s quality of life greatly. Thus, the number of those picking up a guitar has gradually increased over the years, as it is by far one of the simplest musical instruments to master. Today we’ll be discussing Best Acoustic Guitars With Low Action.

So, with the desire to become a professional player or just wanting to create some music, an acoustic guitar is all one really needs.

Acoustic guitars produce sound owing to the string vibes, that resonate within the guitar body and emerge from the soundhole of the guitar.

Some of the factors that determine a good acoustic guitar are guitar action and wood used, where guitar action is the distance between the strings and the fretboard of the guitar.

For a good sound depth, the choice of wood is important, the most popular options being that of mahogany and spruce.

For beginners, the ideal is a low action guitar, with a lighter gauge of strings perhaps, .08 or .09 on the high E string, that makes the strings closer to the guitar body, offering lesser resistance and making the strumming effortless for the beginner, making playing easier and encouraging him to practice more. Other players who may also prefer low action guitars would be solo guitarists and bluegrass pickers.

Our Top Picks for Low Action Guitars

Pros of low action acoustic guitars:

  1. Easier to fret (longer practice time)
  2. Play faster (excellent for finger Stylists and Blue Grass Players, for fingerpicking and lead)
  3. Better intonation

Cons of low action acoustic guitars:

  1. If the action is too low it can cause fret buzz and one can’t strum too hard
  2. Sometimes the volume is less

Few other vital considerations before one purchase a  guitar would be.  the aesthetics,  quality,  tone,  budget and above all,  the prowess of the player, whether a pro or a beginner. The size and the build of the guitar also determine the quality of music it produces.

Best Acoustic Guitars With Low Action:

Fender CD-60S Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars With Low Action
Review of the Fender CD-60S

A Fender Guitar needs no intro, being a world-class product. As it is a high quality, affordable dreadnought, with great tone and excellent playability, it is one of the most popular models.

Its fingerboard edges that are comfortably rolled provide a nice first-hand feel, ideal for beginners and experienced pros alike. A perfectly balanced tone with good volume is the magic produced by the splendid mahogany sides and back.

The use of spruce adds to its strength, brightness and dynamic range, responding well to all playing styles from hard strumming, to fast Flatpicking, to delicate fingerpicking.

If you are not expecting a concert, professional-level quality, then you are not going to be disappointed with this instrument. Within its price range, it is hard to envisage there being a better playing and sounding competitor.

Well made with good materials and with an attractive traditional Dreadnought look. As well as decent hardware and fittings. It plays easily and sounds very nice indeed. Very cheap, cost-effective price considering what you are getting.

If you are looking for a similar guitar like CD60s, you can check out our review of Fender FA-125CE. The only major difference is that CD60s features a Solid Top whereas FA-125CE has a laminated one.

Undoubtedly, the top most in our list and the Best Acoustic Guitar with Low Action.

Ibanez AE245JR

guitar with low action
Ibanez AE245JR

This is a unique guitar from Ibanez brand, its design being a divine blend of the old world acoustic guitar and the new world design, that modern players demand. This is greatly enhanced by the mellow tone of this guitar’s okume top, back and sides along the katalox fingerboard and beautiful vine inlay, all enhancing the rich tone.

The action on mine was great right from the start, with plenty of extra saddle height for future adjustments. It is perhaps one inch longer in body size and overall length compared to a GS-Mini. Compared to the GS-Mini it isn’t quite as loud, though close, but it has a bit more “warmth” from the mahogany.

It is perhaps a half-inch deeper/thicker though, which contributes to a really full sound even though it is a smaller guitar. It is even a bit thicker than an Epiphone Masterbilt dreadnought. So, it has a fairly large volume body even though smaller left/right, top/bottom. 

You can also control tone and volume on your separate amp or preamp. One thing to note here is that the tuners are no-name open gear that look nice but aren’t too great.

Its good pickup and preamp system for live performance is a formidable advantage. The carefully designed bridge pins also ensure fast and accurate string changes.

Yamaha FG800

guitar with low action - the Yamaha FG800

The Yamaha FG series has consistently been the #1 acoustic guitar family of all time, known for its grade dependability, playability and value. This guitar, buoyed on by the famous Yamaha brand name, boasts of a solid spruce top that  is  full  and  balanced. 

One thing that I immediately noticed on this guitar is the high action on the strings, aside from the string spacing – which is just fine. I would have preferred a lower action guitar since it’s easier to play especially when you’re playing the higher notes.

So, if you are a beginner, struggling to play on this one, just keep going. You will appreciate it afterwards when you become a better player.

The walnut fingerboard with its comfortable rounded edges enables smooth playing. The nato/okume (eastern mahogany) back and sides, deliver a soothing warm tone, coupled with great looks.

Washburn WD10S

Washburn WD10S review : low action acoustic guitar?
Washburn WD10S: a low action guitar

These handcrafted beauties made of premium woods,  the  Alaskan  Sitka spruce for its top, with mahogany on its back and sides, presents an elegance par excellence. The build quality is excellent on this one.

Its quality and sound are rarely matched by others double its price.

Right out of the box of the WD10S comes set up with nice low action and very high tone.

Another unique thing I very like this guitar is that WD10S has a comfortable neck profile and become very easy to play for you and also beginners. No sharp or rough frets to avoid; a nod to the 52-checkpoint inspection of Washburn’s commitment to quality.

Thus, these guitars represent some of the best values in the market today. It is unique with its mother-of-pearl Washburn logo and stylized W inlay.

Taylor Academy Dreadnought 10e

Taylor Academy Dreadnought 10e - best in low action guitars?
Taylor Academy Dreadnought 10e: best acoustic guitar with low action?

This Dreadnought beautifully blends the features of a great acoustic guitar with that of a budget friendly one. Though originally a beginner’s guitar, even veterans can make it sing beautifully.

Taylor’s ongoing, evolving commitment to putting together unique, high-quality, playable, and toneful instruments during this price category may be a very cool thing. and therefore the 10e is an ingenious and thoughtful guitar that clearly leverages lessons learned from Taylor’s already fruitful endeavors during this range.

In terms of comfort and playability, Taylor should be applauded for accomplishing their design objectives with style and grace. But the 10e has admirable musical breadth and complexity, too, and like the GS Mini and Baby, is likely to find admirers who use it in situations well beyond the realm of beginners and budget-minded players.

A student and budget guitar was never strong  on  sound  and  playability,  but  that’s  where  Taylor  has  solved  this dilemma and produced its Academy guitars, which were originally made with developing  players  in  mind. 

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The  playing  comfort  is  great  and  its  tone, producing a warm, low end and punchy treble, makes it a great option for strummers and flatpickers. It’s light gauge strings make fretting and bending strings easier.

Yamaha LL6 ARE

Yamaha LL6 with ARE low action acoustic guitar
Yamaha LL6 ARE: low action guitar

This solid Engelmann spruce top with its ingeniously crafted back and sides of rosewood, produce excellent sound.

Even in the hands of a beginner, it produces musical magic, being oh so forgiving on the hapless toddler of a beginner.

I found it took a reasonable effort to bend and vibrato when I was playing the LL6. However, this probably had as much to do with the strings as anything else but the action is likely to also have contributed to this. So, this should be taken into consideration.

It sounds played-in from the very start, thanks to the Yamaha Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE) treatment process in it. Thus, this entry-level guitar is perfectly easy to play, and produce divine music with.

Seagull S6 Original

low action acoustic guitar
Seagull S6 Original: low action acoustic guitar

The S6 is the flagship model of the seagull and it rose to fame as a popular steel-string acoustic, touted as one of the best models for learning guitar strumming. Its wild cherry back and sides blend with the subtle warmth of mahogany, infused with the crispness of the Silverleaf maple.

It produces a dynamic sound with good midrange and its rosewood fretboard allows for greater tuning stability. It is great for fingerstyle guitarists. It also features a wide neck which helps a lot in case if you have fat fingers.

The Saddle helps the Seagull S-6 to play the neck in tune. Also, the guitar features a tapered headstock which is right for open tuning. But, on the flip side, the tuning controls are a touch complicated and wish a touch of understanding before you’ll master it.

If you’re knowledgeable and may understand the art of tuning, then this guitar will play on your command.  If you’re not comfortable tuning, then it’d be awhile before the guitar plays the pitch and tone that you simply are trying to find. So, Keep that in mind

The guitar includes 6 steel strings which are rare to seek out in wide neck acoustic guitars and is ideal for all quite a music genres except classical. It uses nylon strings. Need knowledgeable sounding wide neck guitar but don’t have the budget? This Seagull S-6 original acoustic guitar is here for your rescue!

Though the price may seem a little daunting, especially for a beginner, it is one that will be with you as you progress over the years. Overall it is a very worthy investment when it comes to the best acoustic guitars with low action.


At the end of the day, personal choice rules. The choice of the guitar rests solely in the hands of the player. It is his fingers that will finally weave the tapestry of an exotic musical composition, which takes birth in his fertile mind and charms the hearer.

The world of guitars offers a plentiful choice for all, and each player can pick one that best suits his own whims and fancies. If you are a beginner who has just started out, you should use guitar theory books for self-learning. This will help you stay in sync with the instrument.

Music through all generations was always useful in calming the body, mind and soul.

No wonder the great  William  Shakespeare,  in the first line of his play  ‘The Twelfth Night’ said, “If music is the food of love, play on”. I hope you liked our coverage of best acoustic guitars with low action. If you have any doubts or questions, please leave them in the comments below.