6 Best Amps for Metal under $200 (2021)

Music is not just beats and audio but is more like a form of communication. As an instrument player, you aim not just to play your instrument proficiently, but it is also important for you that your listeners love what you play. To make this communication better is why you need an amplifier for your guitar. So, today we will be discussing some of the best amps for metal under 200.

The units are designed to provide a clean and accurate tone out of your guitar along with reproducing the original sound.

Purchasing an amplifier to your guitar doesn’t necessarily mean which you will need to get a massive budget and tons of space. The components are intended to offer a clean and precise tone from your guitar together with replicating the sound. 

A tool sound reaches the outside world via the amplifier and therefore it’s vital that you create an option that offers the ideal output which meets the capabilities of your device.  An under-performing amp can definitely destroy your functionality and hence there’s not any use in purchasing a cheap and unreliable item.

And no, you do not need a very huge budget or plenty of space to hitch yourself with an amplifier. All you need is to find yourself an amplifier that gives you the desired output and matches the abilities of your instrument. And let us serve you with a list of amplifiers to choose from, which are a real value for your hard-earned penny.

The market for amps is ultra-competitive with a wide range of alternatives and for a beginner, the situation can get very complicated.  So, in this section, we’ll start by offering some tips to help out first-time buyers.

The fantastic news for your first-time buyer is there are lots of amps that are quite well designed and easy to operate and come back to a very affordable price.

Then we will put forward a review of some of the greatest amps in the present market which can be a true value for money decision.

If you are a beginner and are looking for an amplifier for the first time, you might be in need of some guidelines that will help you choose your one perfect amplifier from a pool of options available in the market.

Here are a few pointers who might want to consider first before making your choice.

Factors to look for before purchasing:

Your Instrument:

The amplifiers are usually designed to suit some specific instrument which can be electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric bass guitars and electronic keyboards.

Of these, the electric guitar amplifiers produce a rich, musical distortion and are hence among the most complicated ones. The bass amplifiers on the other hand, replicate the low tone generated by the fat bass strings, whereas the keyboard amplifiers replicate sound without causing any colouration.

Number of Channels:

Guitar Amplifiers in general, come in multiple channels allowing the player to connect a number of instruments to it. One can even connect a microphone to the amplifier. Depending on what suits your music needs, you may get yourself an amplifier with three or more channels.

Also, to have more effective control over each of the connected instruments, do look for separate EQ controls for each channel.


While hunting for an amplifier, you may encounter a few kinds of the amplifier based on the tech that it is built on. The vacuum tube-based amplifiers, though hard to find these days, are still vouched by some professional players.

Solid-state amplifiers, on the other hand, are not only popular but very much affordable in terms of price and can produce superior clean power. The latest digital amps offer good quality sound with low maintenance requirements and come at a reasonable price.

Power Factor:

Depending on the kind of music you play on your instrument, you may want to look for the right power in your amplifier. This is so because your music will determine the electrical power output that will drive the speakers.

For instance, a small rock band would usually need a minimum of 30 watts on the amplifier. In fact, the range of 30-60 is considered mid-range. Higher up you go, the louder the sound will be. Moreover, tube watts are generally louder than solid-state amplifiers.


An amplifierā€™s construct is another thing that plays an important role in the overall sound output. The thickness of the wood of which the cabinets are made of will determine the type of sound output and will also impact the vibration unit.

A measure of one and a half inches is considered good for keeping the amplifier stable and provides good quality output. Moreover, the amplifier unit can either have an open or a closed-back design, where the latter produces a better bass response from the connected speakers.

Now that you know what to look for in your amplifier, let us dive right into finding the perfect one for you.

Best Amps for Metal under 200

Fender Mustang I V2 (Combo) : Best Metal Amp under $200

Fender Mustang I V2 : best amps for metal under 200
Fender Mustang I V2

Much like the other highly appreciated models of the Fenderā€™s mustang Series, this model is no different. It features multiple modes and pre-sets to match with a wide range of music and also allows you to record, edit, store and share your music, thanks to its Fender Fuse Software and USB connectivity.

No doubt the modern guitarists are so mad about this. The compact size of this amplifier makes carrying it around convenient and hassle-free. Despite its size, the sound output is very decent.

As for the pre-sets, you can save 24 of them directly on the amp. There is another 12 factory pre-sets that can be overridden, making it the perfect help to the beginners.

If you own a Fender guitar like the Fender FA-125CE, you can expect even better results compared to the other guitar brands.

With that, let’s have a look at some of the features:

  1. Fender Fuse: This unit comes Using the Fender Fuse program which lets you edit and save your own presets in addition to download pre-sets online from different users. This is an easy and extremely powerful tool.
  2. USB connectivity: The USB connectivity Is an additional bonus of the amplifier and lets you connect this device to a PC or Laptop easily, which makes sharing and saving music simplicity.
  3. Compact size: The compact dimensions of This amplifier make this a simple unit to transport around. The audio output is also quite adequate compared to its size, which makes it a really good option.
  4. Pre-sets: The device allows you to store 24 pre-sets right on the amp. There’s also another 12 mills Presets which may be overridden. This really is a perfect Selection of presets to help out the novices.

VOX Valvetronix VT20X Modeling Amplifier – Metal Amp under $200

VOX Valvetronix VT20X

If you are eyeing for an amplifier designed especially for your rehearsal hours when you want to save on power, this is by the best you can go with. It comes in a tube-based design and this delivers just the right level of organic sound, and has amp models and effects best suited for beginners. It provides 13 classic effects, 11 amp models and 33 songs pre-sets.

This large bunch of available sounds is what makes this amplifier so versatile. For stunning resonance and impressive sound, it has tightly sealed cabinet, proprietary bass-reflex and Virtual Elements Technology.

Additionally, it comes with a USB port to integrate your instrument with your Android/iOS phone or your computer. The Aux-in jack and the headphones are some extra benefits to enjoy from, thus making it the right choice for you.

Let’s talk features:

  1. Excellent sound: The amp includes a multi-stage tube pre-amp circuit that combined with the tube layout captures the specific nuances and the answer which you’re searching for.
  2. Great pre-sets: This amp provides This is a big assortment of available sounds which makes the glass extremely versatile.
  3. Good sound: The tightly sealed Cupboard, a proprietary bass-reflex made to deliver magnificent resonance and the digital Components Technology makes the entire sound output quite striking.
  4. Added features: The device includes a USB interface for easy integration with a PC, Mac, as well as iOS and Android platforms. It’s also outfitted with an AUX-in headset and jack as an
    Additional benefit.

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Peavey Vypyr VIP 2: Amp under $200 with good Bass

From one of the top manufacturers of sound equipment, this amplifier uses variable instrument input and has the right technology for matching up with a whole range of musical instruments. It is so versatile that it can function as a bass amp, an acoustic amp and also as an electric amp.

With its brilliant sound effects, one can make your electric guitar to sound like acoustic, 12-string, a 7-string, a star, or a bowed violin-like instrument with a grace and ease.

The unit comes with an enhanced chromatic tuner and a patented TransTube technology, resulting in an impressing deep sound. In addition to it all, the unit also features a headphone jack, USB port, auxiliary input, onboard looper and others. All in all, this can provide a great option of fun for beginners and veterans alike.

The price stays around the $199 to $249 mark. During Sales or Offers, you can get it for under $199 too.

These are its features and benefits:

  1. Versatile: This single amp can accompany multiple musical instruments to perfection. It may be a bass, an acoustic amp and additionally as an electrical amp.
  2. Great effects: The amp has an entire Array of consequences and you may turn your electric guitar to sound like an acoustic guitar, a 12-string, a 7-string, a celebrity, or even a bowed violin-like tool easily.
  3. Superior sound: The deep sound Emerging out of this unit will surely impress you. The device includes an improved chromatic tuner plus a patented TransTube technology.
  4. Added features: The device includes Attributes such as a headset jack, USB port, additional input, onboard looper, and others. In addition, it contains 26 complete onboard amp available consequences.

Line 6 Spider V30 Modeling Amplifier:

Be it for your practice sessions or for those live performances, this amp is crafted with the right level of attention to details for all your needs. Its fast and easy controls make it ideal for beginners. The unit sports full-range speaker systems and outputs a really impressive sound. The amp offers a built-in tuner, metronome and drum loops fulfilling all your practice-session requirements. Its large number of amp and effects allows you to play any tune ranging from classic to modern.

The best feature of it is the hands-free control that it provides, compatible with the optional Line 6 FBV 3 foot controller, allowing you to adjust your amp and effects without interrupting your performance. Thus if you are placed within a budget-constraint, this could be the one for you.

These are its features:

  1. Loads of effects: The device is packed Using 200 updated amps, cabs and effects models that may create an amazing range of guitar tones by combining up to 8 unique consequences.
  2. Variety of features: The amp offers a Built-in tuner, metronome and drum loops provide a whole practice toolset. There are also 128 custom pre-sets such as iconic rigs and artist tones.
  3. Foot control: The unit supplies Hands-free controller and is compatible with the optional Line 6 FBV 3-foot control. It’s easy to control your amps and effects without disrupting your performance.
  4. Total range audio: The unit offers Full-range speaker systems which produce the guitar glow. With a large number of Amp and effects models, you can perform any tune which ranges from classic to modern.

Roland micro Cube Battery Powered Amplifier:

Roland micro-tube Battery Powered Amplifier: good amplifier under the price range of $200
Roland MICRO CUBE GX Portable 3-Watt Guitar Amplifier

An ultra-compact guitar amp with custom-designed speaker and battery-powered interface (with 6 NiMH AA sized batteries and up to 25 hours of playing time), this is one of the best compact amps under $200 available in the market. Besides loud sound and good portability, the unit also offers an i-Cube link for integration with an iPod or an i-phone, increased output power, a chromatic tuner, and a memory function to save your sounds.

It has a range of amp emulations for a very good quality sound output. The unit has an excellent construct and a hard plastic body with a metal grill covering the 5ā€ speaker. It includes a strap that solves all your worry of carrying the unit around. And the best part. Despite loaded with all these cool features, it also has an affordable angle so much so that you just cannot miss on this one.

Being available for low price at times, it is also the best guitar amp under 150

These are the features and benefits:

  1. Battery-powered: This is 1 unit That’s battery-powered both NiMH AA sized batteries supply up to 25 hours of playing time. This makes it a perfect unit for utilizing on a shore or to get a
  2. Great construction: The device has been sturdily constructed and includes a tough plastic body with
    the added strap makes this unit simple to carry in 1 hand.
  3. Good Sound: The audio output of The amp is extremely impressive and it’s a variety of amp emulations which have very superior quality. There are just eight DSP effects, such as deep octave and dedicated delay and reverb.
  4. Added features: The device comes with an i-Cube link interface and makes integration with an iPod or an iPhone. The device also has a powerful MEMORY purpose for saving your favourite effects and amp.


Marshall Amps Guitar combo Amplifier:

If performance is what you are looking for, this Marshall Amp is going to get all your attention and love. It comes with a twin-channel design and the high quality, low noise components provide exceptional clarity and richness of sound even when pushed to extremes.

The highly effective 3 band EQ has an analog signal path and allows you to have a high degree of control over the sound and preserves the lively feel of your instrument. The unit has a delicately designed cabinet with care to provide distortion-free sound.

As for its styling, this amp unit comes in features like basket-weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature picture-frame edging and iconic hieroglyphs on the control panel. All in all this lightweight unit can be the perfect party animal for you.

Being one of the best guitar amp under 200 by Marshall, worthy to be in this list.

These are the feature it provides:

  1. Analog signal route: The exceptionally Powerful 3 band EQ which has an analog signal route which allows good control over the audio and keeps the lively feel of the guitar.
  2. Good Layout: This amp includes a double channel layout and the high quality, low noise elements offer exceptional clarity and richness even when pushed to the limits.
  3. Great styling: The device comes with Features like the basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature ‘picture frame’ edging and iconic hieroglyphs on the control panel to make it appear stylish.

Worthy Mention: Orange Crush 20

When it comes to high end components, compact sizing, amazing sound quality at an affordable price, Orange Crush 20 it is.

The Quality of Orange Crush 20 is at par even like some of the High end amps. The sound produced is free of distortion which has been a concern for many people with amps. The analog signal sound transfer makes the sound more clear than ever. The orange tinge and the classy design is something that I really like.

Here are some of the features of the Orange Crush 20

  1. Classy Design: Twin Channel High Quality Design is what Orange Crush 20 is known for. All this with low noise components which give aid in providing an all the more exceptional sound quality.
  2. Analog Signal Path: It features a Superb 3 Band Equalizer that has an analog signal path. This preserves the rich sound of the guitar which helps it to sound more lively.
  3. Quality Cabinet: Something that’s build with so much precision and care is rare to find. The cabinet is designed in a manner to provide distortion free sound.
    The frame is 4-inch x 12-inch in size and is loaded with high quality and does match some of the high quality Flagship Voice of some Speakers.
    Although, the sound is not as powerful as I wanted it to be, it is good enough for the price and thus, it is good to be on this list of best amps under $200 which has good bass too.


These are some of the best amps under 200 for metal songs that offer exceptional value for money. Concerning functionality, these units provide an excellent sound output with a range of powerful pre-sets.

They’re also packed with the ideal assortment of attributes that is excellent for many different genres.  Additionally, they’re also streamlined and well-constructed and also make an excellent option for beginners that are restricted by a budget. 

One of the products that were reviewed, that is the Fender Mustang that I V2 20-Watt 1Ɨ8-Inch combo electrical guitar amplifier will be the recommendation if you are just starting out. It is also good for a seasoned guitarist looking out for best guitar amps for metal under $200.

Fender FUSE program also lets you create the required alterations to your own music easily.  The device provides USB connectivity also it makes the recording, recording, sharing and storing your songs quite simple.  With its amazing selection of features and a very affordable price, this amp is undoubtedly an excellent pick for many novices to get the most out of their pellets.

If you are just starting out, I would recommend you to use guitar theory books for practice, Be it regular music or guitar books for jazz. These will turn out to be cheaper than guitar lessons and will also help you as side reference in case you are already taking out lessons.

So here was a list of some of the best and highly affordable guitar amplifiers for you. Not only are they great in performance delivering superb sound quality, but they also feature a wide range of effective pre-sets to choose from. Loaded with just the right number of features, they can suit a number of music genres for you to play.

Being compact and having a sturdy construct, you wonā€™t have to think twice when you are required to travel some distances for your performance. Wherever you go, these light weighted, highly portable units can serve as your best companion in all your trips you make.