Top 10 Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands (2021)

You love music and also want to play some of your own, probably that’s the reason you learned to play guitar in the first place. But it is not an easy instrument to play and the process becomes even harder when having small hands.

If you have small hands, you know the struggle those guitar chords give you and if such is the case, then you are at the right place as we have curated a list of some of the best electric guitar for small hands that you can hitch yourself with.

But before diving into the A-list, let us first understand the things to look for while you find your ideal guitar.

Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands

Yamaha APXT2 Electric Guitar: Editor’s Choice

best electric guitar for small hands
Yamaha APXT2  Electric Guitar

This is not just a great guitar for small hands but is easy on the pocket at the same time. Gibson SG actually cost a lot of money so it is okay to go with Yamaha APXT2 when you are on a budget.

The guitar is smaller than the usual guitars and so fits on your hands easily. The neck is quite easy to play and features a rosewood fingerboard. The D profile neck shape makes it perfect for those with small chord reach from their fingers. The SG sound comes with two humbucking pickups. The Tune-o-Matic stabilises the tuning. There are two-tone including master tone, two-volume and a pickup selector switch to round out the hardware on this guitar.

The stability of it is further enhanced by its solid tuning pegs. Gig Bag is not included however, you can use third party bag for this guitar easily

There is great versatility with this guitar. You’ll find it ideal for blues, metal, rock, country and many other guitar styles.

To conclude this is one of the best option to go with, checking all your priority boxes and making it a perfect fit.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar: Best 3/4 Electric Guitar

thin neck guitar
Ibanez GRGM21BKN

For the rockstar in you, this dashing 3/4 size electric guitar from Ibanez is a total recommend.The smaller body size makes it good for people with smaller hands, kids included.

The GRGM21BKN is from the RG Mikro series known for its cool rock sounds, thanks to it humbucking pickups.

It has a compact frame and a 22-inch scale length making it very comfortable for kids and small-handed players alike. The maple neck has 22 frets easily accessible without giving your hands pain of any kind. The control is simple with knobs for volume and tone accompanied by a three-way pickup toggle selector.

This certainly is one of the best 3/4 size electric guitar if you have tiny hands. Moreover it is cost friendly too. This rockstar, comfy guitar can thus be a great pick for you.

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitar: Best Guitar For Beginner

electric guitars for small hands
Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Stratocaster

Fender is known for making some of the best guitars. Their Squier version is cost-friendly as well as provides that squier classic vibe too. Fender is known to make smaller sized 3/4 guitar which is perfect for those with small hands or are just students starting out and naturally have smaller hands than adults. One of the best small scale guitar for adults.

The Vintage Modified Telecaster model is quite amazing for smaller hands than going with a regular Telecaster.There is a tone, volume, and a selector switch for the pickups.

The 9.5 fingerboard radius and the 21 jumbo frets add a lot of comfort to it.The entire neck is maple. The guitar is The Best for playing a wide variety of sounds including rock, blues and even metal sounds.

The F-hole lets the guitar make both electric and acoustic sounds.

For small hands, this can act as an excellent telecaster.The sounds are amazing and so is the comfort. It is easy to play and acts as an ideal guitar for those struggling to play the regular guitars.

Fender Mustang 90: Best Fender Electric Guitar for Small Hands

guitars with thin necks for small hands
Fender Mustang 90

This is another great guitar for small hands. This was initially created to be a comfortable pick for girls and women, to encourage them to play more. But today it is gender neutral and used by everyone and anyone.

The curviness due to 9’5 inch radius of the fretboard can help to get some amazing nirvana by Kurt Cobain and old-school tones easily

The slim and narrow neck size and the light weight adds comfort.

The tune-o-matic bridge and Grover tuners take care of the quality by keeping the tune rock-solid stable. The vintage humbuckers are an added advantage giving the guitar full-on rocking sounds.

All in all, this will be a go-to option for you.

Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M: Best Jackson Electric Guitar

electric guitars with thin necks
Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M

A decent guitar, easy on hands and high level of playability, JS32 is another great guitar to go with.

It’s straight neck with a light stain finish makes it easier for players to shift hands quickly, and thus makes it a great pick for those with small hands.The 24 fret maple also adds an attractive touch to it. The 1.62’’ width nut crowns the perplexing goodness of the fretboard. The JE10 humbucking neck and a bridge makes it easy to deal with heavy distortions making the music flow as desired. The sturdy knobs and tunners make producing music a lot easy. Also, this is one of the most durable guitars one can get.

Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar: Best Acoustic Electric Guitar for Small Hands

best 3/4 electric guitar
Squier by Fender Mini Strat

There is another Squier Guitar on the list. It is a 3/4 guitar, is small in size and light, and a popular option among young players.

The smaller C-shaped neck with  a string scale of 22.75 makes playing it a lot easier and comfortable and also provides that typical squier classic vibe. The fretboard is rosewood with 21 frets. You get a volume, tone, and a pickup switch. The pickups are three standard Fender style single coil pickups. The bridge is a hardtail for easy string changing and to stabilize the tuning of the guitar. So, this again is one of the the best mini electric guitar

ESP LTD EC-1000: Best Stylish Electric Guitar

electric guitar for small hands

This is the most killer looking guitar on the list. Though a little high-budgetted than the rest, this is the best one to with.

The fingerboard radius is 13.78 inches, that is there’s only a small curve. This makes juggling your fingers very quick and easy around the fretboard. The neck is narrow and thin U-shaped. This is what makes playing this real fast and leaves you without any finger pains after you’re done with your concert. The guitar features one of the best actions and feels. The neck feels smooth and hitting notes in every corner is very convenient and comfortable for smaller hands and fingers.

Nice distortions and clear tunes are easier achieve. Electronics are high EMG quality. The locking tuners keeps it quite stable.

At the back, it also features a few carvings for comfortable and easy playing of the instrument.

This little beast is one of the best you can get.

Schecter S-II CUSTOM STCB Solid-Body Electric Guitar: Best Schecter Electric Guitar


Another brand name in the world of guitar manufacturers, Schecter is also known for producing guitars suited for small hands. One such being the Schecter S-II Custom TCB.

The flamy maple top and the mahogany body shape adds a classic look to the guitar. The 22 jumbo frets make the the instrument go easy and comfortable on the neck. Further, the 3 peice mahogany makes the neck more stable than many other guitars.

It is made even more comfortable by adding an SG-style shape to it. Its Schecter USA Pasadena Plus/Pasadena humbucking pick-ups sound quality very good and are better than regular pickups. The Tune-o-Matic bridge helps stabilize the tunes and the strings. There’s a volume, tone, and a selector switch for the guitars pickups.

You can get rock, metal and jazz tones from this instrument.

The small size and the cutaway make it a lot easier to play than other alternative medicine.

Fender Duo-Sonic HS: Best Neck Shape for Small Hands

Fender Duo-Sonic HS

The Fender Duo-sonic features a easy 24 inch scale, a C-shaped neck and a 9.5′ neck radius making it a perfect guitar for small hands.

This is one of the nicest guitars that has to offer a lot but does not get the limelight.

It has a string-thru-body hardtail bridge that is great for both sustain and stability.

It got two versatile single coil pickups, the classic Fender choice giving you the freedom of a wide range. It goes well with whatever playing style you want to play, adding style and vigor to it.

This funky guitar some in a great range of flashy colours, can be used as a travel guitar too. It is a great guitar to get your hands going.

How to choose the Best Electric Guitar for Small hands?

Neck width and depth

This is one of the first things that all guitar players should consider. The neck should rest comfortably in your hands allowing your fingers to reach the E-string easily. Thus, it is advised that you use electric guitars with thin necks for small hands.

However, you should try out wide neck acoustic guitars if you have fat fingers to ensure smooth playback.

It should be too wide or broad, which would otherwise strain your fingers, and making it difficult for you to slide your hands up and down. You should look for the best mini electric guitars if you find it tough playing with a normal-sized guitar. If you like fingerstyle, you should check out Best Fingerstyle Guitars.

Always look for small neck guitars. C-shaped ones are the best to go with.

Neck Length

Longer the neck, the more difficult it is for you to reach the endnotes, a problem guitar players with smaller hands often struggle with.

In such guitars you will have to stretch your fingers more because of the greater distance between the frets, thus making your passion a pain.

A shorter neck with a shorter scale length is a better fit for smaller hands. Try to look out for slim and narrow neck electric guitar to help your small hands.

Scale Length

It is twice of the length from the nut to the centre of the 12th fret. Usually, longer the scale, the more vibrant the tones, while shorter scales offer a warmer tone.

Guitarists often use mildly heavier gauge strings on guitars with shorter scale lengths to compensate for the effects of the difference in string tension. Always try to look for guitars with a small scale. If you are a fan of bluegrass music you should see our coverage of best bluegrass guitars

The Action

It refers to how far the strings are placed from the fretboard. The further they are, the harder they need to be pressed to create the desired note. In the most types of electric guitars, the strings are being brought closer, a process termed as “lowering of the action”.

This makes playing a lot easier. However, one problem with that is the amp buzz, where the strings touch the fret after being played. And so it is suggested to select a guitar with a pre-lowered action, suited for smaller hands for easy playing.

The Guitar Body

Though not the ultimate deciding factor, it should be considered to make your guitar experience more comfortable. Oversized guitars on small hands cause a lot of discomfort while playing.

Look forward to small electric guitars in terms of the guitar body. Small body size electric guitar have proved to be efficient time and time again for people with small hands.

3/4 Sized Guitars

These guitars re essentially “student or child-sized guitars and that they are often ideal for little or small hands and also for younger players as they’re simple and faster to learn. Adults that have just started to learn can also find them easier to play and learn with.

One thing to notice as most ¾ sized guitars don’t have as many features as full sized guitars therefore the sound quality might not be what you’re trying to find.

However, a tiny electric guitar body shape is often easier to carry while performing, and this, in turn, reduces strain on your arm, shoulder, or hands. This may make playing even simpler.

The Cutaway

The cutaway on a guitar should be quite deep. This makes it much easier to hit the upper notes and obtain your smaller fingers to succeed in the notes you would like to play.

I find deep cutaways on guitars make playing tons of fun on behalf of me as I can hit all those notes I just can’t reach on other guitars. for instance, a shred guitar like an Ibanez is far easier to play than say a full-sized jazz style guitar where the cutaway isn’t very deep if there even is one in the least. If the cutaway is deep, it’s just getting to be easier for your hands, especially when you’re soloing. Try to opt deep cutaway electric guitar if you have short fingers.

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Light Strings

You will find playing easier with light strings – use 008s or 009s. We try and use the 009s most of the time, as We find 008s are extremely light for us.

You’ll also customize the gauge as long because the G, B, ad E strings are thin, playing is simpler. Don’t use 010s with smaller hands unless you’ve got been playing for an extended time as they’re very hard on your fingers.

You ought to experiment with strings until you discover a brand that you simply like. Once this is done, you would like strings that will be very comfortable for your smaller fingers.

Judging the above factors in a guitar will make the guitar-choosing process a lot easier for you. Here goes the list to help you make the ultimate choice on best electric guitar for small hands. Read on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best electric guitar?

According to us, the #1 electric guitar is Epiphone Les Paul Special Electric Guitar. We’ve made it the top best on our list because it has great versatility.
Ideal for blues, metal, rock n roll, country, and many other guitar styles. So, naturally, Epiphone G-400 becomes a priority for us. If you want to see its review, you can check it in this article itself.
To conclude this is one of the best option to go with, checking all your priority boxes and making it a perfect fit.

Is Mini Electric Guitar Good for tiny Hands and little fingers?

Yes, a mini electric guitar can indeed be a good idea if you feel like a normal size guitar is a bit big to play with.

Is a 3/4 Size guitar Made for tiny Handed People?

No, a ¾ size guitar is generally made and built for kids, but that doesn’t mean that you just can’t buy one. If you are feeling that it’s easier to play than a full-sized guitar you should go for a 3/4 size electric guitar.
Most adults can play full-sized musical instruments, though, especially electric guitars since they have already got a thinner fingerboard than acoustic guitars.

Should I get a Guitar with a thin Neck for My Small Hands?

It’s not something necessary to have it at all if you want, but if you’ve got very small hands it’d be an honest idea. Electric guitars have already got thinner fingerboards than acoustic guitars, so just by playing guitar, you’ve made an honest choice for your small hands.
In all honesty, most adults are ready to play a full-sized guitar, but if you’ve already tried that and just desire it might be better to urge one that suits your needs better, take this list with you to a music shop and ask to check play the tiny sized guitars and see what it seems like . a number of the guitars made this list because they need slim necks, others because they need a brief scale length, so they’re not all an equivalent unfortunately.

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