The 5 Best Fender Acoustic Guitar in 2021 {Updated with Latest Buyers Guide}

Fender is probably best-known for its electric guitars, but some very moderately priced Fender acoustic guitars have really blown the charts off. Fender has innovated and introduced design processes since 1946 for the development of moderate price guitars with premium features.

Fender produced a line of guitars with a smaller body, better fabrics, and a new look that could appeal to everyone with its California Collection. This brand offers many instruments with a classic look and outstanding sound and the new range of guitars. Hence, have a look at the article below to know about the Best Fender Acoustic Guitars. 

Top 5 Best Fender Acoustic Guitars

Fender Paramount PM-1: The Overall Fender Acoustic Guitar

The Overall Fender Acoustic Guitar

Fender has established its dedication towards acoustic guitar making with the Paramount line of Acoustic guitars. Several guitars are built in the industry to produce a difference with their top-quality construction, pristine new highlights, and exciting creative touches that provoked a new generation to a culture of superb acoustic sound.

The phrase ‘traditional’ saturates every bit of this guitarā€™s construction with the Fender PM-1 dreadnought NE. Substantial mahogany on both sides contributed to the assumption by a thick open-porous mahogany top that the Fender PM-1 Dreadnought NE is cut off from the tree from which the elements are centred. The deep ground-like mahogany and its dotted texture refill the body’s form with a luminous natural aspect.

The Fender PM-1 Acoustic Guitar is a full-function acoustic guitar packed into a very conventional dreaded shell. This guitar is perfect for the player who wants conventional looks and high-quality parts at a fair price. This guitar is made of sturdy, solid mahogany back and sides, mahogany top, and no corners on the materials.

The checkerboard design on the outside of the guitar and the soundhole make this guitar look ‘Art Deco’ like the guitarist who has this extra style without being too extravagant. The guitar comes with a Fender and Fishman built for pre-amp and recovery besides its solid wood construction. The pre-amp controls have a modern low profile design and allow bass, medium-range, triple, and phase control to shade the tone. All these characteristics, like the bone nut and the saddle, give this guitar an enormous sound.

To finish, Dreadnought NE provides a marvellous clever lens where the guitarists can project the general tone and unity in sound and playability. Furthermore, Fender could explore divine simplicity and graceful complexities of skilful craftsmanship by enhancing the design and development with a detailed approach.


  • Solid all-rounder
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • None

Fender FA-345CE Auditorium: Best Fender Wood Guitar

Best Fender Wood Guitar

The Fender FA-345CE Auditorium Acoustic Guitar is manufactured as an electric guitar by the Fender Musical Instruments. Fender is one of the world’s largest firms for electronic and acoustic instruments, speakers, parts, and more. They certainly have something for everyone, regardless of skill level and tastes, with such a huge range on offer.

This unique instrument is an electric guitar like an auditorium. It is bright, resonant, appealing, and relaxed, and is perfect for musicians at all levels of expertise. Many guitars have a body built like a dreadnought. This is the most popular guitar style and perhaps the one you know well as they have an asymmetrical body and are used for medium-string applications.

Fender has made the guitar’s appearance fantastic by putting many efforts. Besides the auditoriumā€™s body, they made several interesting choices that make this guitar look amazing and sound like doing it. This guitar stands in a crowd between the lacewood and the back, the mahogany’s base, the flame maple’s top, and the Viking bridges.

The preampā€™s bonus is that it can also be used to change the triple and bass, which are less regular. This will be very helpful if you want to capture your play and hear the sound correctly. It can be modified instantly and uses conveniently. 

There is a built-in tuner right next to the preamp. This can be good, because it is still practical and ready to go, so you never have to think about carrying an extra gadget. This guitar might not be the best option if you give more emphasis on sound and price. However, it’s a perfect option if you want a design that will certainly catch your interest.


  • Built-in tuner
  • Lightweight
  • Good design


  • The quality of sound is not so high.

Fender FA-125CE: Best Fender Guitar for beginners

Best Fender Guitar for beginners

The FA-125CE is a great value that offers an aspiring guitarist all the requisite elements, to begin with, the simple guitar. The tuning of new guitarists can often become complicated, so Fender supplied a built-in electronic tuner to make tuning a click in Fishman’s electronics.

This helps the player to concentrate on how to play the device. The laminated spruce top is an industry-standard for the top, which guarantees guitar sound in conjunction with the x-bracing inside. The cut arrangement makes fret over 12th fret easy to access. All of this is the right package to launch the new guitarist.


  • Affordable
  • Good for beginners
  • Durable


  • No solid top
  • Not suggested for experienced players.

Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic Guitar: Best Fender Guitar under $300

Best Fender Guitar under $300

Through its trustworthy acoustic guitars, Fender has made it clear that they are the finest brand to purchase a premium player. Fender is also known as the brand that provides a tremendous level of quality guitar for most new beginners, helping them to become professional players in their first steps. Fender was always there to improve the player’s ability, and also Fender’s FA235E could be precisely what they are.

However, the guitar has much more scope than just a guitar for beginners. It can also be done by a well-experienced player and can offer great pleasure. The guitar is finely decorated, it has a concert body shape, and the whole guitar is appropriately laminated. 

The neck consists of 20 frets with graph TUSQ nozzle and Perl keystone extensions. The bath neck is decorated with a rosewood fretboard which joins the Rosewood Bridge of the Viking. You have on-board controls that assist in pitch, triple, and bass adjustment for a ready amplification level.

The revolutionary Fishman electronics will give the audience a live show and deliver the emblematic Fender standards. This guitarā€™s sound is vibrant, note defining, and perfect in triples, mixing it with coffee, making a high-quality, warm sound. Finally, Fender’s FA235E is a fabulous, rounded, guitar that can please most guitar players at all stages. Fender was never a bad thing to make the final decision.


  • Excellent design
  • Good build quality
  • An excellent choice for beginner


  • Few may not like the concert body shape.

Fender Malibu Player Acoustic Guitar: Best Fender Guitar under $500

Best Fender Guitar under $500

Fender Malibu Player Acoustic Guitar is a perfect smaller lightweight body for a beginner. It feels relaxed and just right, easy to keep and balance on your leg. You’re going to love it if they crash into the hands of a starter. However, an advanced player cannot understand the smaller body due to the absence of a quality tone. An experienced player sees this guitar as something enjoyable, something plain to play for a singalong on the beach, around the pool.

The look and style dominate a fast, clean, cut architecture. The timber used is fine. Back and sides Mahogany offers a deep and rich tone. While it’s smaller than average, the Malibu is a lot smaller.

It can offer the most prominent tone with a guitar. A major tonewood is Spruce. It is famous because it has a great variety of dynamics and can adapt to various playing styles. Fender gave it a really beautiful and cosy ‘C’-shaped collar. However, it’s very narrow, but perfect again for the beginner. But maybe not so ideal for an accomplished player who might need a specific string width.

The pickup and preamp built by the Fishman make a nice sound when amplified. It is a piezo under saddle with an EQ, with the bass, triple, and volume power. There is also an optical tuner included with it. Near the outlet, the socket is the battery compartment which makes the battery change quickly. It’s a decent but very simple system and has no broader feedback filter. Controls are conveniently accessible on the top of the body.

Both Nubone is the Nut and Saddle on the bridge. Nubone has properties similar to those of some favourite material for TUSQ. The string vibration is not affected by bones, which is a positive addition. The bridge has a Viking style and is built of the cavity. It has string pins.

Fender is popular because of its large-scale guitars. While not the best on the market, some of the Dreadnought acoustics remain very strong. This guitar cannot be a good choice if you expect good sound and performance.


  • Good build quality
  • Highly playable
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Not very balanced

How to choose the best Fender Acoustic Guitar?

The best Fender Acoustic Guitar choice is very different from a dream guitarā€™s choice after enjoying the experience.


Your guitar choiceā€™s key driver is the target; the beginners should pick a guitar with luminous tones and remain in harmony. Sturdy spruce with the back and side of a laminate is a nice compromise that saves money without irritation.

It’s less about guitar at first, more about getting the keynotes and chords down, and learning to read tablatures to play simple songs, rather than how amazing your guitar is. Display guitars with all strong woods have increased performance. Spruce and Sapele are often fine options, so it is better to play the guitar and see what you want.


Body models look distinctive, but having a more important body shape is comfortable. The safest choice is to play any instruments if you can. If that’s not practical, start with a regular mid-sized dreadnought or concert guitar and a mid-sized neck. And be open to getting a guitar to a guitar expert to set up your guitar so you can get a good sound.

Guitar Parts

Firstly, look at your favourite guitar and take a look at its elements.

  • Neck

Many acoustic guitars have a fixed neck instead of an electric bolt. A truss rod through the centre keeps your neck straight and gives you some flexibility for tuning. 

  • Fretboard

You have notes with your metal frets on the front. Some at the ends of the wall are exposed and some roll or file to allow picking.

  • Headstock

The guitar head includes tuning sticks. Ensure that they remain where they are as you tweak them, or your guitar will not be tuned. High-end guitars have a bone or graphite nut with a branding inlay or burning. To make sure to not disturb the sound, lower guitars use paint and plastic.

  • Body

The top of the guitar is made of solid wood rather than a laminate tone. The body shapes will impact tone, but one that suits your body style is more crucial to find. On the other end, the bridge carries strings and transmits string waves.


Many acoustic guitars from Fender use laminates on both ends. The cheapest ones have a laminate base. Typically you want a solid wood guitar with a toning tip. But if the devices are used and/or camping is used etc., perhaps an appropriate choice for a laminate.

The key sequence provides all standard wooden designs. The Paramount Acoustic Guitar series provides excellent value for the professional guitarist searching for a great lot.


Fender acoustic use conventional straps and many nut and saddle fabrics. The costlier the instrument is usually, the stronger the nut and saddle for the Fender guitars.


Fender produces a range of types and styles, like most manufacturers. The popular fender types are listed below:


C.F. Martin and company designed dreadnought in 1916. The acoustic guitars played back then was heavier, bolder, lighter and louder.

The acoustic guitar players soon earned fame in Dreadnought and are one of the most wanted versions on the market of acoustic guitar. It is also used in rock, country, blues and bluegrass.

The Dreadnought is so noisy and strong that it can perform without extra assistance with an electric band. To obtain adequate projection, the appearance is a little wider. A Dreadnought creates sharp lows and cards alongside punch and power to create a detailed sound that shapes giant chords and lifts to bluegrass.


The concert is provided with a narrower frame, deeper waste and lesser-than-bottom shoulders. The body design of the concert is entirely different from Dreadnoughts. Concert’s small scale makes it suitable for playing acoustic guitar finger type.

Concert tail is more pronounced, and the overtones are crisp, and the delivery is harmonically lighter. The bass presence is diminished compared with Dreadnought, and it prefers crispier ups and downs.

California Series

Fender’s most admirable approach into the acoustic market is the California collection. These guitars completely embody Californiaā€™s spirit, with three classic body forms, an assortment of fine colours and exquisite aesthetics. The Fender California Acoustic Guitars are highly inexpensive, considering its high-end style.


You can get decent guitars for less than $500 and also for a few below $200. Fender guitars come in a price range between $600 and $1500.  Keep an eye on ultra-low guitars from the major box stores as they mostly use only inexpensive plastic tuning pins that don’t carry an album.

Balance the budget instead by selecting a solid wood soundboard with laminated rear and side high pressure. If a little more is possible, cheap solid woods will further boost your sound.

You will try various combinations of woods to learn to play, and you are more secure in your ear to find the sound you want. That is more costly, but conveniently a variety of budgetary differences are present.

For less than $500 you can find a fairly good Fender acoustic. However, you probably have to pay at least 700 dollars or maybe more, based on the characteristics, if you want the finer colours of all wood guitar. Also in a range of $800-$900, this brand is a steal compared to the three big Martin, Taylor and Gibson.

Additional Features

Fender has always had colourful acoustic guitar entries beginning with the 1963 “King” series. One can never say that they are afraid to reach the end when it comes to style. The California series is an exceptionally cool and contemporary series of anticipated, concert and triple-o forms.

The bodies are slightly bigger, usually fitted with circuitry and come in various colours, with unique wood pairings. If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar with, several Fender acoustic models have an alternative. Another choice is to pick up the cheap guitar and a good sound hole later on.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

  1. Is a Fender acoustic guitar good for beginners?

    Yes, Fender acoustic guitars are good for beginners. The Fender CD-60S are the best guitars for beginners. The Fender CD-60S guitars have the standard dreaded body style, a sturdy top, and a hard shell.

    The solid top is replaced by a laminated material that maximises longevity while preserving the solid spruceā€™s high-quality tone for the top of the guitar.

  2. What type of Amp is best suitable for a fender acoustic guitar?

    BOSS is the best amp suitable for fender acoustic guitar. The BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT provides a sleek, compact amp for the singer/songwriter who needs both a stellar, amplified sound and a canal to talk. The Acoustic Singer Live LT has a lot to fill a small space like the coffeehouse or even an outer patio display with 60 watts, a 6,5-inch woofer, and a 1-inch tweeter.

    And this amplifier offers various tonal choices for a range of genres and styles with an onboard vocal interval, guitar choir and individual reverbs. In the BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT, you can also record Living Output or Track Song Ideas to your later reference machine with a USB audio interface. An anti Feedback knob is another excellent function to guarantee the highest, feedback-free output of these ear-offending frequencies.

  3. Why is Fender considered one of the best guitar brands?

    Fender is considered the most iconic guitar brand. Fender is a popular guitar company that has given some great acoustic guitars to the music industry. In short, the musiciansā€™ instruments are being used by the musicians for playing soft and rock music.Ā 

    With the label “the biggest guitar manufacturer in the world,” Fender designs and manufactures a range of the most famous guitars ever made.

  4. What is the price range of Fender guitars?

    While the standard of all Fender guitarsā€™ standard in parts is exceptionally good, fit, and finish, some versions have innovative features that can save money. The best models of Fender guitars have a price range between $600-$1500.

Final Words

Buying an acoustic guitar is a beautiful and life-changing experience. So take your time when you’re trying to buy your first one. Passion is a critical factor, especially for beginners, and the hating of your musical instrument from day one doesn’t get you too far down your long, often exhausting journey.

Fender’s Guitar List is well designed for players at all identifying levels, seen in the large variety of prices. Fender has continued to evolve remarkably across the spectrum of acoustic instruments. Hence, we hope the above article will help you find the best Fender acoustic guitar according to your preferences.