Looking for the Best Fingerstyle Guitars? Here’s our Top 5 list

Fingerpicking is a style that permits players to make intriguing arpeggiated designs that bring about wonderful and at times very multifaceted surfaces. This makes fingerpicking one of the most remunerating methods to learn since it opens numerous prospects that you can use to grow your melodic jargon and it’s likewise amusing to play! Keep reading to find out the Best Fingerstyle Guitars

In case you’re considering beginning to play in this style be careful it’s somewhat more testing to ace than it appears from the start sight! Yet, don’t stress, on the off chance that you set aside some effort to become familiar with some fingerpicking examples and practice them reliably you will get them under your fingers in a matter of seconds, and best of all, you will have the option to join these thoughts into your own style, permitting you to make all the more convincing game plans.

The primary thing you ought to consider when beginning to play fingerpicking style is to get a legitimate fingerpicking guitar, that not at all like ordinary man of war acoustic guitars it is worked in a manner that gives more reverberation and splendour, which are fundamental characteristics of an appropriate fingerpicking sound.

Playing fingerstyle is a style of playing guitar that can be applied to all classifications of music. Fingerstyle is the point at which a player culls the strings utilizing their fingers (or fingernails), as opposed to utilizing a pick. Fingerstyle playing used to be vigorously utilized in society style playing, however it has now reached over every melodic kind including rock.

Fingerstyle picking can run from a straightforward society style, otherwise called “Travis picking“, right to fantastically troublesome and complex styles. There are a few distinct names that fingerstyle is brought in the music world, for example, fingerpicking, pattering picking, and so forth.

What is there in Fingerstyle Playing?

In fingerstyle playing, you are just permitted to play on an old-style guitar; be that as it may, you can play fingerstyle in any sort of music. You can discover fingerstyle playing in a wide range of classifications of music, including Celtic, blues, jazz, traditional, rock, and some more.

Single Instrument Orchestra

Because you play using both the thumb and the fingers it will sound like you’re playing two guitars at the same time. It’s also a lot more complex but more interesting than regular downstrokes and upstrokes. Keep on practicing and playing and you’ll become a one-man orchestra like Tommy Emmanuel. In fact, fingerstyle playing will lead to the discovery of endless variety in style.

Fingerstyle playing permits players to play out different parts without a moment’s delay; for instance, a bass line, backup, and tune, at the same time.

Okay So lets dive into our list of 5 great fingerstyle guitars to choose from:

Best Fingerstyle Guitars

Yamaha L-Series LL6 Acoustic-Electric Guitar – The Best Fingerstyle Guitar for Beginners

If you’ve just embarked on fingerpicking, the Yamaha is a great guitar to choose. Yamaha is well known the world over for many excellent and dependable products, including guitars.

We suggest the Yamaha L-series LL6 Acoustic-Electric Guitar, a full-sized original dreadnought (though you might prefer the smaller LS body). Either buy will make a fantastic choice for any beginner of fingerstyle playing.

best fingerstyle guitars

The Yamaha’s shape is classic with mother-of-pearl inlays that lend the instrument its elegant look. Work on the strings and you’ll find it superbly playable, giving out a well-rounded tone and dynamic range. Connect the built-in high-quality SRT Zero Impact passive pick-up system to an amplifier and it captures every nuance of your playing on stage.

The body material is hand-picked Englemann Spruce and, depending upon your tonal needs and playing style, you can choose models with sides and back of either Rosewood or Mahogany.

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Rosewood makes the tone well-balanced from low to high while mahogany gives a rich bass and quick response. Underneath is a modified non-scalloped bracing design that gives the Yamaha L series guitars their characteristic bright tone while enhancing low-end tone.

One plus point of the Yamaha L-series is the sturdy traditional profile 5-ply neck that’s reinforced with a double-action truss rod. The neck’s built of rosewood and mahogany and has a volute at the headstock for extra solidity and sturdiness. Moreover, it has what’s called the acoustic resonance enhancement or A.R.E developed by Yamaha itself which improves the guitar’s tonal quality.

  • Built with S.R.T. Zero Impact pickup
  • Ideal sound quality
  • Reasonable rosewood.
  • The craftsmanship is simply brilliant.
  • This guitar has a well-adjusted tone.
  • It does not include a soft case.
  • The case quality is not that great.
  • Sometimes it has issues in tuning.

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – The Best Budget Fingerstyle Guitar

Want an acoustic guitar that doesn’t cost a fortune but which plays as awesomely classic as any high-end ones you wished you have? Pick the CD-60S Dreadnought by Fender. It works as good for the first-time players as well as the seasoned guitarist who wants a no-nonsense workhorse of a guitar.

best budget fingerstyle guitar

The Fender CD-60s Dreadnaught has solid mahogany top and sides and back of laminated mahogany. The fingerboard is a 20-fret rosewood affair that complements a mahogany neck. The tuners are die-cast and solid that keep the tuning stable.

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Acoustics-wise it has a punchy mid-range that projects beautifully in a room. Overall the guitar is great for plucking and other styles.

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The Fender CD-60s is basic but beautifully designed dreadnought body and shape that not just catches the eye but produces great, rich sound too. Although it doesn’t come with the case its low price makes it a great buy and value for money.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly version of Fender CD-60s, you can go for Fender FA-125CE, however, its main disadvantage is that does not have a solid top.

  • Solid, built to last
  • Fantastic action and feels comfortable on the fingers
  • Easy to make cleaner finger tricks
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • High quality and sound for its price
  • Consistent and low-action without any adjustment required
  • Nice to hold without any stiffness or weakness
  • Recommended only for beginners or as a backup guitar
  • Bridge pins are sturdy but initially a bit tough to remove

Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar – The Best Affordable Fingerstyle Guitar

Best Affordable Fingerstyle Guitar

This Cordoba C3M Classical is the guitar you will go for if you want a classical handcrafted instrument with a solid Cedar top, Mahogany back and sides, and traditional Spanish bracing. Moreover, it sports a hand-inlaid wooden rosette, a rosewood fingerboard, and nickel-plated tuners with pearl buttons. It plays as beautifully as it looks and costs under a thousand dollars.

The Cordoba C3M has black ABS binding, natural satin finish, 52 mm nut width, 650 mm scale length, Savarez Cristal Corum nylon strings in High Tension (500CJ). The nylon strings go easy on the fingers, making it perfect for fingerstyle classical playing as they allow for freer vibration and resonance to the soundboard.

In craftsmanship, the C3M has a fan bracing pattern that provides more surface area of vibration in response to the tension of the strings. What results is a louder and better tone.

Though lightweight, the Cordoba 3CM comes with a double truss rod that makes room for adjustment of the amount of relief in the neck.

Crafted in true Spanish tradition, the Cordoba C3M is a modern guitar with a proud heritage and impeccable sound quality. A true guitar – stylish, affordable, and extremely playable.

  • Amazing Cedar top
  • Nice natural wood
  • Good satin finish
  • Great sustain
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • The back of a guitar bridge can be slightly off the soundboard

Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium – The Best Fingerstyle Guitar for Experienced Guitarists

If you are an experienced guitar player and want a top-quality instrument the Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium is the one to go for. The Taylor is a Cutaway guitar that makes it easier to play the higher frets. You can’t go wrong with a Taylor in fingerstyle playing.

Best Fingerstyle Guitar for Experienced Guitarists

It has a Venetian top of Sitka Spruce wood. The back material is layered Koa and the neck is of Mahogany. The ebony fingerboard is satin-smooth and amazingly responsive that changing chords and fingerpicking is a breeze.

The Taylor has a built-in pickup system with an ES2 configuration that allows you to plug into an amplifier. With the controls located near the neck, access is super easy too. Taylor 214ce also goes well with bluegrass music, you can check some of the best bluegrass guitars as covered by us.

Overall the Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium is the guitar you’ll want to go for if you are an experienced player. It has amazing resonance, the balance of highs and lows – crisp on the highs and warm on the lows. You’ll love playing the Grand Auditorium.

And you won’t have to buy a separate case. It comes with one – a nice soft shell case.

  • Absolutely lovable sound
  • Top-notch quality and value
  • Feels good and fun to play
  • Impressive craftwork
  • Steep price for an average person
  • Laminated wood may cause it to age poorly, although not immensely

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar – The Best Dreadnaught Style Guitar

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed

The Seagull S6 Original Series is an award-winning guitar with a classic appeal. Its body top is made of pressured cedar and the neck is silver leaf maple. It has a 1.72 inches nut width and a 25.5 inches scale length that makes playing a comfortable exercise.

It has a custom-polished semi-gloss finish and combined-tone woods that make it look and feel premium. The neck, back, and sides have bolder looks.

So, if a solid dreadnought for fingerstyle playing is what you’re looking for, the Seagull S6 is a fine choice. It combines solid toughness, classy looks and great tonal quality. We’ve covered this guitar extensively here

  • Pricing
  • Steel strings
  • Has Tusq Nuts and Saddles
  • Tone control is tough
  • No case with Guitar

What to look for while purchasing a guitar for Fingerstyle?

It is extremely famous for fingerstyle guitars to highlight more extensive string dividing; the string separating can be as wide as 59mm, however the normal us 57mm, which is 4mm that your essential acoustic guitar.

This additional dispersing permits additional space for your fingers to move around and you not need to stress over hitting another string; the additional dividing proves to be useful when playing arpeggios.

The nut width on the normal fingerstyle guitar is 1 11/16 inches (43mm) in contrast with the 1 ¾ inches (45mm) on the normal guitar.

Measures to assess:

  • Transportability
  • Feel of the guitar
  • Mechanical parts of the guitar
  • Materials that the nut and extension are produced using
  • Supporting
  • Tuning pegs
  • Materials and creation of the body
  • Regardless of whether the guitar has a strong top or not
  • Sound
  • Sound projection of the guitar
  • Value scope of the guitar in contrast with different guitars in their quality

But first, what’s Fingerstyle Guitar Playing?

When you play the strings only with fingers that’s fingerstyle playing or fingerpicking. Some people call it simply plucking. Sometimes a pick is used but only for picking out notes. They say longer nails make for better picking and for that you get finger picks that fit on to your fingers. This brings out richer tones and better sound quality.

In any case, fingerstyle guitar produces warmer tones and allows for more bass notes.

Why Play Fingerstyle?

It does get boring at times to go on strumming your guitar with just a plectrum. While it does sound great, you’ll want to see what amazing music you can create with this most versatile instrument.

Using fingerstyle playing, you pluck the strings directly with your fingertips including your thumb (or use your nails or nail picks attached to your fingers).

In fingerstyle, you arrange your music into chords and arpeggios. You may also include elements like hammering on the fretboard or using the guitar body as a percussion piece. The guitar is so versatile and playing options are so plentiful. They produce astonishing harmonics and melodies that make playing (and listening) extremely pleasurable.

Fingerstyle playing turns ordinary tunes into outstanding masterpieces if you play them well enough. For example, you can fit classical or any other tunes using different beats to create music that comes alive with a totally new listening experience. Try playing Blackbird by The Beatles, The River by Santana or even Ave Maria by Beethoven. You’ll find you get to explore multiple methods that’ll open up playing possibilities that improve your playing abilities.

Finally – Which one’s the best for you?

There are hundreds of great acoustic guitars to choose from, each with their own specialities and most look and sound great. The five we’ve chosen here is only to make selecting the right guitar easier for you.

If you have been playing fingerstyle already and want a guitar that has a bit of everything I’d recommend the Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium. It looks premium, produces great balanced notes, and even has a cutaway that allows you to play the higher frets. Plus you can record your playing and play live on stage using its built-in ES2 pickup system. Again, those keys on the neck make it easy to operate.

I personally love the Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar as a beginner. It combines affordability with classic Spanish heritage style. But the Yamaha L-Series LL6 Acoustic-Electric Guitar is great for style, sound, durability, and playing pleasure. It’s well-loved by beginners. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought is a great value for money. If you want a solid dreadnought then go for the Seagull S6.

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