The 5 Best Martin Acoustic Guitar in 2021 [Updated Buyers Guide Included]

Martin Acoustic Guitars, provide their buyers with the best possible guitars of the most authentic quality. They are respected for their high quality and a great variety of products. Their aim always has been to provide their customers with the most trusted products, and they ensure to keep walking towards aiming better every time. 

To ensure that every single customer who comes to them, leaves with a satisfied heart, martin guitars are continuously expanding their quality, features and variety of the product. For them, an instrument is like holding and hugging your life’s most loved moment closely.

They deliver not just a product but a ray of light. They wish to fill their customer’s heart with satisfaction and a feeling of surprise. You are just a few little steps away to have exactly what you have ever dreamt of buying.

List of the Best Martin Acoustic Guitars

Here listed are some of the best options you will love to know about. These all are best if you’re searching for good quality, good material, friendly acoustic guitar by your side. For all your demands, go through all the options from start to end. Choose the one that is perfectly suited for you and your use. Go through the given list and make your dream come true by buying the one that fits your space and gives you joy. 

Martin LITTLE MARTIN LX1RE Acoustic-Electric Guitar: Best Overall Martin Acoustic Guitar

Best Overall Martin Acoustic Guitar

As already mentioned, it is best in every aspect. The best we could find for you. The best you could ever buy for yourself. Rich with features. It comes in a friendly size and shape. The colour and texture are attractive.

If you display it in your room, it will be there perfectly to highlight your room environment. It will attract your attention as many times you look towards it. While holding it, your hands will move most smoothly. You will have no difficulty to adjust and be acquainted with this one. 

Little Martin, is little in size, but grand is its vibes. It is perfect for an adventurous travelling ride. Once you carry it by your side, it will give you all the pleasure and delight. This is a great choice for students who are looking for a guitar worthwhile. If this will be your first time with a guitar and you sure wish to have it as the best time. It is an amazing choice without a doubt. 

It is constructed with a solid Sitka spruce top. It is made of rosewood pattern. Best for student’s use and practice. Best for travelling and road trips. Its pick is guarded with faux. It comes properly packed and assembled in a gig bag. The bag size is big and has sufficient space to keep the guitar with proper care.

The body is of 0-14 fret size. Comes with a Fisherman Sonitone to control and manage the sounds and tones accurately. The sides and back are of HPL that is of high quality and can save it from any scratch or crack.


  • Its fingerboard and bridge are certified. 
  • It comes with a pickguard.
  • Sides and back are of good quality material that will stay safe from any scratch or cracks. 
  • Comes with a Fisherman Sonitone pickup to manage sounds or tones.


  • It is not suited for those who are taller as it is more ideal for a shorter person. 

Martin Smith W101 Acoustic Guitar: Best Martin Acoustic Guitar under $100

Best Martin Acoustic Guitar under $100

Suppose you are looking for a budget-friendly yet rich with features and quality type of guitar. This is the choice you can’t leave halfway. It consists of an amazing body and design. Its body and design are excellent. Comes with a finishing touch and it’s body’s tone is rich, that can attract anyone easily.

It is cut in a perfect shape and constructed well to accommodate players easily. Its metal headgear is of very strong quality. Its headgear is made of metal. This Acoustic guitar is built with so much care and concern. It’s finishing is made with tough glass finishing. That sparks it’s value to a better and higher level.

More than anything, it’s qualities qualify it as the perfect choice to go on with.  Its strings are of steel metal. That can stay more durable. Comes with a proper guitar set including guitar tuner, a guitar stand that can be easily folded and guitar bag. It comes with a pickguard to ensure the safety of its pick. 


  • It comes with a proper package with multiple types of supporting equipment.  
  • Its body and design are constructed strongly.
  • Its strings are of steel that is preferred more than any other material.
  • It also comes with a tuner so that you can easily tune it by yourself


  • Initially playing it can give you a bit of a hard time. 

Martin 000jr-10 Acoustic Guitar: Best Martin Guitar for Beginner

Best Martin Guitar for Beginner

Are you wondering about which way to go? Which one to choose as a beginner? This is a choice that will do wonders for you. As a beginner, easy working. Smoothly adjusting, easy to carry, amazing size and shape are essential. It is needed that a guitar you buy should become like your own acquaintance or friend.

As when we begin with something for the first time, we wish that it gives us all the happy moments. It’s easy working and providing good quality sounds and tunes is essential. This acoustic guitar won’t disappoint you in any regard. Instead, it will amaze you with its surprising and most soothing tunes every time you play it. So, this is an excellent choice to go for, especially as a beginner. 

Its wood construction is solid. It comes with a pearl pattern fingerboard. Its top is solid Sitka. It’s back, and sides are of solid Sapele material. A gig bag is given along with it to carry it easily and keep it safe. Its neck is of hardwood material. 


  • Perfect choice for travelling. 
  • Body and design are strongly constructed.
  • It comes with a travel gig bag. To keep it handy and safe while travelling. 
  • Its sides and back are constructed of Sapele wood. That is an ideal wood for acoustic guitar. 
  • It is a stylish guitar. Looks attractive while holding or when kept in a place. 
  • Wherever it is placed, it will give a classy look to the whole place.


  • More suitable for travel going on occasion. 

Martin Standard Series D-45 Acoustic Guitar: Best Handmade Martin Guitar

Best Handmade Martin Guitar

As a musician or a newcomer to this field, you will be fully satisfied with Martin’s long listed variety of acoustic and electric guitars options in both ways. For your every and any need. It has constructed the best of guitars. With the strongest wood material used, strongest body, strong and wide neck, back and side construction.

This guitar is specific and will give you no chance of any disappointment. It is handmade and adds authenticity to it. It is uniquely constructed to engage the players for a long time exploring, experiencing, and enjoying its smooth working features. 

The guitar delivers a very professional sound to the listener. A sound that soothes your heart the moment it is played out. They ensure to use the best possible wood material such as spouse, ebony, rosewood and more.

All are tested and efficient in playing a great sound and are of the premium quality,  handmade, and fit with any height and any style. They have designed it to make sure that it suits anyone and everyone perfectly. You will surely have a fun time playing, and practising with it. You can carry it easily without much difficulty. 

Easy to style according to the player’s requirement. It is constructed of a rosewood material. The top material is constructed of Spruce material. That is a premium quality wood. Neatly constructed body and design. The guitar is playable. It’s steel strings make it more smooth and playable. It makes it a perfect choice to go for. 


  • It is easily adjusted with the player. 
  • Gives a friendly feel
  • Body and sides of strongest construction. 
  • Its finishing is of glass material. 
  • Its strings are of steel material. That is the best material used for strings. 


  • The frets need to be dressed.

Martin Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric Guitar: Best Martin Acoustic Guitar under $1000

Best Martin Acoustic Guitar under $1000

While performing, many players prefer a guitar that they can comfortably hold for a longer duration, without their hands getting stiff or feeling pain. They prefer a guitar that is of amazing finishing. Can be easily held and carried perfectly. A guitar that gives its user no hard times.

A guitar that looks classy and modifies the player’s performance. Suppose you are looking for such a guitar for your performance. This is the best choice you can go for as this guitar is best for grand performances purposes. 

It gives the perfect sounds and tones. Its glass finishing is of toughest quality. Its glass finishing makes it look fully polished and gives it a much royal look while holding it in your hands. You will feel the joy of carrying it around. It is lightweight. It promises to give its users a lively experience.

Usually, when one buys a guitar for their grand performances. Players prefer to use the same guitar for upcoming performances as well. Because for the player, his instrument is a part of the family. So, they wish to buy a guitar that stays durable and is of excellent quality.

This guide promises to last longer and better. Its quality of wood and its construction material is chosen sincerely. The makers have made it with proper concerns. Make sure to provide you with a strong layer of protection and safety. 

It consists of a solid Sitka spruce wood material top. Its body finishing is of Glass. Its glass is polished. 

Sides and back are of mutenye. It provides an amazing tone to the listener. It gives perfect performance vibes. It is of fast playability.  Its back or sides are tonewood. All these features define its perfection. 


  • An amazing choice for grand performances.
  • Incredible tone 
  • Attracts the audience attention with its smart design and construction. 
  • Its construction is of solid wood.
  • It is uniquely designed. 
  • It looks of supreme quality.


  • No cutaway

How to Choose the Best Martin Acoustic Guitar for yourself?

String material

You must check for the string material that the acoustic guitar is providing you. As there are two different types of strings used for a guitar. Nylon and Steel. Whereas for Acoustic guitars more preferred strings are of steel material as steel provides more durability. 

Design or construction

Any guitar needs a design that fits the user’s body type and can be easily adjusted while the player is using it. No guitar that gives a hard time or makes the user struggle to understand it’s structure is suitable for a player.

Instead, the one that can be easily adjusted according to the user’s adjustments and settings is perfect as a choice. So look for the one that you can hold smoothly without much struggle. 

Body styles

Acoustic Guitar Varies in different body styles. Today, it is a serious concern for the makers that every user can comfortably adjust and hold the guitar in their hands. So, the body is made of full finished quality. The body is made with strong texture and an amazingly attractive look. So that when wish keeps it in front. It multiplies your whole ambience of the room. 


When you buy anything for use purpose, you must look for its features and qualities. As for an Acoustic guitar, its features involve its shape, scale, size, sound, body, way it is designed and constructed, and its use. Its qualities involve its purpose of use, durability, material, price, and additional features. One can have all these in mind while looking to buy an Acoustic guitar. 

Size of the guitar

Since the size of guitar varies according to the height range, as for shorter height people, small-sized guitars, and taller a big size guitar are available.  


Different guitar varies at different prices, according to its features and quality and other factors too. Make sure to go for the one. That is not only budget-friendly but within the right budget is providing you with good quality and long-lasting product with absolute safety and protection.


While buying anything in general. We look for its brand. Just in the same way, any instrument should be bought from a brand that is standing strong and firm to serve its customers in the most confident and comforting manner. The brand should be honest, producing and providing its customers with the best quality product and best possible service. 

Purpose of use

Guitar is a very big family instrument. Vary options are available these days. These varieties differ according to the purpose of use. As some guitars are used for big concerts or live performances, some are used for small or closed gatherings, and some are used simply for solo practices.

Also, sometimes guitars are bought to gift someone elsewhere the other person’s preference is placed in front, as in this situation, a guitar that is universally acclaimed as easy for all-purpose use. Such is the guitar that you should look forward to. The one that is ideal for various occasions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

  1. Is a martin acoustic guitar good for beginners?

    Yes, without a doubt or second thought. It is the perfect choice for a beginner As anyone who has never even picked up any guitar. Won’t have to worry with this one. Martin’s acoustic guitars are smoothly designed to be used by absolutely new beginners. It will only give its users a worthwhile time as these guitars are perfect for travel purposes and trips. Students can use it best to practice and learn.

  2. What type of Amp is best suitable with martin acoustic guitar?

    If you are looking for the amplifier for your Martin acoustic guitar. One of the most preferred and successful choices to go with Fishman. It ensures to provide the guitar with an amazing amplification.

  3. Why is Martin considered as one of the best guitar brands?

    Since a long time now, Martin has been considered a very trusted brand as it has established its name by giving its buyer a good service. It’s guitars that come in a variety. Different for different purposes and used by all. It comes in with a finishing cut and safest body. Far away from any and every risk. It carries its unique style anywhere it goes. Having it’s any guitar will only make you feel happier and prouder. You would surely wish to keep it closest by your side. 

  4. What is the price range of Martin guitars?

    Martin delivers its users not only with the best features or quality. But also the best range of prices. That is affordable by all. It’s price range according to the kind of guitar you are looking forward to buying. It consists of a large variety of guitar one for every purpose. No matter what you are, where you come from. If you come here, you will find exactly what you were looking for.


Martin is a very renowned and known brand to go with. It is reputed, and customers have loved its service and variety of guitars. It has been established for a long time now. So, you can confidently pick among any of its acoustic guitars.

The guitars are of premium finish and perfect for multiple occasions. These guitars come with proper protection and safe use if you are looking forward to endless adventurous and enjoyable moments. Picking any of these guitars that fit your every requirement is going to provide you with your desired experience. It won’t limit itself to the qualities and features that are only visible. But stretch itself to a level that can certainly surprise you most amazingly and excitingly. 

If it is just for a hobby or it is for a grand occasion. If it is for you, or someone you wish to see it playing. If you have already cleared out space in your room to place a guitar and if you have especially saved some money or cut short your other needs to have a guitar. 

So, wait no longer. Get ready to get started with an adventurous and thrilling journey. Get ready because you’re soon going to have the best companion by your side, a friend that will tune in with any and every mood of yours.

The moment you’re looking for a tune to pop up. It will be there for you amaze you and soothe your heart with its melodious sound. Here any options for every kind of user. Going with the one will give you a natural mood to use it multiple times. Go with the one that will make you move from your place and call out to you from a distance to come and play.