Best 3/4 Guitar – Acoustic & Electric (2021 Top Picks)

Well finding the best 3/4 size guitar can be a difficult task for your kid. A 3/4 guitar is the best guitar if your child is over 7 to 15 years of age and is just starting out. First let’s checkout the best ones.

List of Best 3/4 Acoustic Guitars

Best 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR-1 – Best 3/4 guitar for Beginners

Yamaha JR1 best selling 3/4 guitar

It is the most sold 3/4 size in case of guitars.  Being the best cheap 3/4 guitar, It comes with a gig bag too. It has a good intonation finish on them and they stay in tune. Considering the size of the guitar the sound that comes off this laminated spruce top is robust. It feels fantastic to play on the rosewood fingerboard with Indonesian mahogany back and sides and a nato neck with a clue stone style keys on it.

 It lays just very comfortable in your hands and the sound has got his own little magic. It is high quality instrument for the money, approachable and looks great.

The guitar is lightweight which makes it easier to carry around. Just perfect for any beginner as the 21-1/4″ scale length is going to be absolutely ideal for kids and starters.

The price point is excellent and is fairly compensated with good quality features. One of the best 3/4 acoustic guitar which comes with branding of Yamaha. Which is hard to beat for the price as well as the features it offers.

The only difference between Yamaha JR-1 vs Yamaha JR-2 except there price is that the model JR-2 has a thinner finish that allows more vibrations and better sound. So, if you are ready to spend the extra $30, I will suggest you get the JR-2 3/4 acoustic guitar as it is a better option and comes in shades of natural and sunburst.

Yamaha APXT2 – Best Yamaha 3/4 acoustic guitar

Yamaha APTX2 one of the Best 3/4 guitar

This ¾ Yamaha guitar is absolutely ideal for younger kids or for use as a small travel acoustic guitar. It is available in more colour options as compared to the JR1. The short scale and lower string tension make it easier to play than a full size. Available for under $200, this will steal your heart away.

It has a cutaway which helps in allowing for improved upper fret access, it is equipped with electronics to allow amplified play with amps. When plugged in this little guitar sounds as great as any full-size acoustic guitar. It has a rich tone to it. It features a short scale length of 22.8″ which is the best for smaller hands. This 3/4 size kids electric and acoustic guitar comes in 4 great colours making it look sexier than ever.

The APXT2 features a spruce top with meranti back and sides, and like the Yamaha JR-1 above, a nato neck with rosewood fingerboard. It doesn’t have a fancy equalizer but it does have an onboard tuner and volume/tone controls. For added value, the APXT2 comes bundled with a quality Yamaha gig bag.

Little Martin LX1E – Best Martin 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

Martin has the reputation as being one of the best guitar manufacturers in the world. Many popular artists like Ed Sheeran played on Martin guitars. It is one of the best 3/4 guitar for adults too. This acoustic guitar is a bit more expensive and if the price is not a big deal for you, then it’s worth every penny.

It is made in Mexico product. The craftsmanship of the body is excellent, has a nice wood detail and also sounds surprisingly good; deep and rich, great sustain. The smaller body is perfect sized and is extremely comfortable for kids and youth to sit and play for long periods.

 High-pressure laminate mahogany back and sides, strata bond neck, a rich light fingerboard and bridge that makes it sturdy for travel. The solid spruce top gives it a great sound. It comes with a high-quality padded gig bag.

Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar – Best budget-friendly guitar

Rogue starter guitar

Got you hands tied? If that is the case you should go with the Rogue starter package for starter acoustic guitar.

Available at almost half the price of other brands like PRS, Fender, etc, Rogue is all about the good in the least possible.

However, first things first, it is not a ¾ acoustic guitar. Instead, it is very close with its 7/8 scale. Thus, it will be a bit bigger than a ¾ sized acoustic guitar, yet it will be smaller as compared to the full-sized ones.

However, this will have benefits too. The extra size will help you gain a nice and full sound, and this guitar should also last longer compared to the other smaller ones.

Available in a variety of 6 colors, it should fit in the color requirements of almost everyone. At the price, you can’t really expect much and the Rogue does not come with a gig bag or any other accessories. If you are on a strict budget, this is your best bet.

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Now with that lets discuss some 3/4 electric guitar:

Best 3/4 Electric Guitars

Honestly, there are not many 3/4 electric guitar options available.

If you feel that 3/4 guitars are a bit tough, you can get your little Rockstar an electric guitar.

You must note that electric guitars also have steel string, but they are much thinner and the tension between the strings is lesser which makes it easy to play these metal songs.

This makes it easier to press them down. But if your child is just starting out, it is much better to go with a nylon string guitar unless an electric guitar is all that he/she wants. The best electric guitar for a 6 year old who is just starting out.

List of Best 3/4 Electric Guitars

Squier Mini Strat Bundle:

Squier Mini Strat Bundle

Best ¾ electric kids beginner guitar. Sounds great, plays well and is finished well. I am very impressed overall with this instrument. The body and neck/fret board are right up there with any Squier instrument and even the standards. This guitar falls in-between toy and real guitar.

This is good for a small kid to learn the basics of guitar such as How to properly hold, identify parts of a guitar, care, maintenance, simple note fretting and some chords.

SX RST 3/4 Bundle:

SX RST 3/4 Bundle

Looking for a Great 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Package? This is the one you need, It is sold at an unbelievable price!

The Package includes almost anything that you need to start playing: Guitar, Guitar Amp, Gig Bag, Cables and the Strap too.

This Scaled-down guitar is about 3″ shorter and 2″ narrower than a full-size guitar. Great for travel!

Dual cutaway allows access to the highest frets.

SX RST 3/4 size guitars come in sunburst, black, red, 3 tones, white, and purple; and the left-handed models are also available.

LyxPro 36 Bundle:

Electric Guitar and Starter Kit from LyxPro makes the perfect musical companion.

Optimally scaled for tiny hands and growing arms, the 3/4-sized electric guitar is constructed with the same durable parts and meticulous craftsmanship of an model.

Kids have everything they need to jam including a 20w amplifier, digital clip-on tuner, guitar cable, shoulder strap and carrying bag.

Whether they’re tuning strings, adjusting tone or pumping up the volume, young players develop a musician’s ear thanks to LyxPro’s premium sound quality.

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Different Acoustic Guitar Sizes.

Commonly there are 4 sizes in guitar. The 4/4 guitar is a full-sized classical guitar. The other three guitars are scaled-down versions. 1/2 and 3/4 sized guitars are commonly used for children as they’re far easier to play. The ¾ size guitar also known as a 36-inch guitar is a size smaller to the full guitar.

The difference between the frets is less, the scale of this guitar is shorter making it easier to play with. These are highly recommended since they are more mobile and travel-sized. These can make for some really good travelling guitar.

The scaled down size means a young child can reach over the body and comfortably reach the fretboard. Here is an approximate age example on what size guitar to get for children:

  • 1/4 sized or ukulele: up to 5 years old (child size guitar)
  • 1/2 sized: 5-7 years old
  • 3/4 sized: 7-15 years old
  • Full sized: 15 years and older

Now let’s understand which type of string should you should get for your child.

Nylon String VS Steel String acoustic guitar VS Electrical Guitar

In a nylon acoustic guitar all the strings are made of nylon and at first try these are much easier and softer on the fingers so they mean that your fingers don’t hurt as much. The neck of the guitar is thicker and they don’t stay in as tune as the steel string acoustic guitar. For a beginner it becomes difficult to adjust tunes every time they play. These guitars give deeper warmer sounds making them excel for classical music genres.

Steel-string acoustic guitars have thinner neck compare to nylon acoustic guitar and is easier to play with. They give brighter sounds and therefore is more appropriate for rock and pop music. However, due to high action, these steel string can hurt your kid’s little fingers as they have to be pressed down slightly higher.

This is the reason why many parents go for classical guitars as most of them have nylon strings that don’t hurt the beginner fresh fingers. And the action is low as comparatively. But, most of the kids these days want to play only on steel-string acoustic guitars, so if that’s the case, it is advisable to get it out of the harm’s way as fast as possible.

Both these instruments are made and designed for specific playing style. If you notice, you’ll see that a classical guitar has a thicker and wide neck, the reason for this is that you play it with your thumb behind the neck. On the other hand, a steel-string acoustic guitar is played with your thumb curved around the neck.

Basic difference is that the acoustic steel string guitar is the one we see in those rock and pop songs. It sounds much fuller and louder.

Which one should you get?

If your child is just starting out, it is recommended to get a nylon string guitar for the soft hands. If he has already played the instrument, you may get him a steel string one as he has already developed the necessary finger strength and he will demand the steel one sooner or later.

Let us now have a look at some of the common questions

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the Best 3/4 guitar?

Yamaha JR-1 – Most Popular Choice. The Yamaha JR-1 is the world’s best selling 3/4 size and is the perfect guitar for any beginner and a young player.
Yamaha APXT2 – Most Versatile Choice. A scaled-down version of Yamaha’s most popular full-sized acoustic!
Little Martin LX1– Most reputed choice. A Mexico made guitar designed for comfort to play for long hours.

Are 3/4 Guitars Easier to play?

It can’t get any easier than playing on a 3/4 guitar. If that isn’t still comfortable enough, you may try strapping the guitar on instead of playing it sitting down. Some people find it more comfortable when the guitar is strapped on because the height and tilt can be suited to the preference of the player.

Should I get a 3/4 guitar?

If you tend to carry your guitar around all the time or while travelling, a 3/4 size guitar is a good idea as it takes less space. A ¾ guitar has smaller scale which works wonders for kids and youth or even a beginner. If you like the sound of smaller guitars, get a 3/4 size acoustic guitar, regardless of your age or skill level. 

What is the best 3/4 acoustic guitar?

Yamaha JR-2 is a really good choice. If you don’t want to spend the extra $30, you can also choose the JR-1 which is also one of the best 3/4 acoustic guitar.

Are 3/4 guitars for adults?

Yes, even though 3/4-sized guitars are recommended for 7-15-year-olds, this doesn’t mean they are not suitable for adults, too.

Adults with smaller hands or short stature have been opting for playing 3/4 size guitars too, due to the convenient size.

Number of 3/4 guitar for adults have increased, even for experienced ones (especially when travelling) as it takes less space and sounds nothing less than a full size acoustic guitar when plugged in.

What’s a 3/4 size guitar?

The total size of a “3/4 size” guitar will be about 10{afbf049f0c36df10d5057df0b40e2c3c0963165d2a5376b687e42384a8224966} smaller than that of a full size guitar.  A 3/4 size guitar has a scale length (the distance between the nut and the bridge saddle) between 22–24″. Everything else gets proportionally smaller, which means the neck is thinner too making it suitable to play for tiny hands.

What size is a youth guitar?

The most common size guitar for a youth is “3/4 size” guitar. You’ll find a wide range of options because it’s the most commonly sold size. The “3/4 size” guitar is proportional to most youth’s height and age which makes it convenient and easy to play.


3/4 guitar can be used by any one and does not necessarily have to be kids. The form out to be really good travel guitars. They can prove beneficial for kids as the size is small. That does not mean that there are no 3/4 guitars for adults.

All the guitars mentioned are some of the best starter guitars, especially for kids. If you still feel that one or few of your queries were unanswered, please drop a comment below and I will try to assist you as soon as I can.