The Best Cheapest 8 String Guitars for 2021

8 string guitars are increasingly gaining popularity as a new instrument and as means to show creativity and talent.

These are nowhere near those average electric guitars. Most of these are built for pushing the low to further narrow down and raising the highs to an even higher level.

If you are a lover of melodies and rythms, here are the cheapest 8 string guitars that you can buy right now.

Cheapest 8 String Guitars

Ibanez RG8004

Everything about this is wider and bigger, be it neck, scale or even bridge. This uses a gauge which is sized about 9 to 65. Also, to give a great pickup to your sound it has 2 IBZ eight pickups, one in the neck and the other on the bridge position. The sound is deep with warm tone and smooth for the ears.

The scale length of this guitar is 27-inches which helps in tuning stability. The quality and reliability of the brand is commendable for its price. If you are comfortable with 6-string and are looking for a challenge with extra strings, this is the guitar for you.

While it is a beautiful guitar to purchase, one can find certain difficulties like playing this guitar can take a little while for one to get used to it. You will have to stretch much further to get the notes right because of the wider neck.

The hardest thing to get used to in this is the extra number of strings. It can be confusing as there are 2 extra notes- the B string and the F-sharp string. Using this guitar can be hard for some, therefore, I recommend that before buying one should try their hands on it first.

Schecter 432 C-8 Deluxe Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Let’s start with specs, it has basswood body with a one-piece maple neck, rosewood board and their own branded tuners. The build is quite thin, has bevelled pop and satin finish, smooth and beautiful to look at and easy to play.

The scale length of this guitar is about 28-inches, other than this it is quite similar to Ibanez. This guitar sounds clear and is perfect for metal lovers. Again, being a 8-string guitar it could take one some time to get use to it, other than that there isn’t any complaint I came across.

The brand came into existence in 70’s and has only managed to grow and build its reputation among the people. Between Schecter and Ibanez it is all about the brand preference like a lot prefer prs guitars and a lot dont.

LTD EC-1008 ET

It is a 1000 series model with 8-strings hence the 1008 and the ET in the guitar name features the ever-tune which means the guitar should never or very rarely go out of tune. The fact that it has a 26 and a half-inch scale length has been controversial since people think it might cause problems in tuning stability and intonations. After a lot of consideration, I am happy to tell you that the half-inch shortage on scale length does not affect either its tuning or the intonations.

 The guitar also has EMG 81 and 60 pickups and an ever-tune on the bridge which again compensates the half-inch shortage on scale which is amazing. If you are someone who does a lot of bending and vibrato, playing this guitar may feel weird at first but with time one will get used to. Tuning in this guitar can be strange and tricky at first, it requires some time and understanding to get used to it.

 The guitar comes in gloss black which looks absolutely sexy, the build is strong and it’s made to last. The only downfall I could come up with was that the guitar is literally heavy and therefore can be a little exhausting to play. Other than that, it’s worth the money.

Jackson DKA8 Pro Series Dinky

The workmanship is pretty much perfect and amazing with the satin finish that it comes with. It has a bold on maple neck and fretboard and 24 jumbo frets on it. There is locking tuner made by planet waves which comes in handy for lowest string due to its high ratio. The guitar is a package as it provides very clean and balanced sound. The price range is also reasonable for this guitar for the features one get in it.

 The amazing thing about this guitar is that you will find master volume, master tone and the 3-way toggle switch. There is also a kill switch in red colour which is basically a momentary mute switch for your signals, it is very cool as it can help you get interesting staccato effect. The neck of this guitar is neither too thin nor too thick so, if you don’t have a huge palm or long fingers but would still love to play an 8-string, this guitar is the one for you.

Michael Kelly 508 

This is more like a rock guitar with extra benefit of strings. This guitar comes in reasonable price range and is absolutely affordable. It has a red cedar tee style body, a 5-piece bolt on maple walnut neck, a 28-inch scale length, 24 medium jumbo frets and a rosewood fingerboard. It also has 2 Rockfield SW eight pickups especially voiced for the guitar, another special thing about this guitar is the two control knobs to play with humbuckers and with the 3-way toggle switch combined you can create 8 different tonal options. How amazing is that?

The guitar comes in two finishes- black burl and striped evany which are unique and nothing short of sexy.

Schecter c8 Hellraiser

You willhave a really good time with this guitar, reasons being the carbon fiber body and the ultraviolet finish of it. It is a mahogany body with 3-piece maple neck and a carbon fiber reinforcement rods in the thin yet strong neck and it also has 9-volt battery compartment on the back. For pickups we have EMG 57in the bridge and EMG 66 in the neck. For controls there are 2 volume, 1 tone and a 3-way toggle switch. There are 24 extra jumbo frets and Schecter tuners.

The cool thing about this guitar is that the fret markers on the top of the neck are glow in the dark which can come in handy for night gigs or performances. I would recommend this guitar for those who are comfortable with 8-strings or have already played with 8-string guitars as this guitar comes on the pricier side. It might be a problem for those on a strict budget, but if you are little flexible on the price side you can surely invest in this.

ESP LTD Javier Reyes Jr-208

It is a serious upgrade from its last model. ESP nailed it with this, the body is amazing, it looks great and even sounds great. We get Pelham blue finish with gold hardware, mahogany body, bolt-on maple neck and 27-inch baritone scale. The standard ESP designed LH-308 humbucking pickup set that sounds amazing is used in this guitar, you also get push-pull switch. The guitar is sturdy, low maintenance, easy to travel with and is unbeatable from the price perspective. In short, a great deal to grab on.