Chris Stapleton Guitar – Which Guitar Does He Use?

Chris Stapleton is a favorite of many music enthusiasts and guitarists who are into acoustic and country music. His music has won the hearts of many over the years and his songs have been favorites of the young and the old alike. Apart from being an amazing vocalist, he is a renowned and expert guitarist and due to that, Chris Stapleton Guitar collection is certainly one of the best. Over his career, he has been seen using many guitars, most of which are available for you to buy.

If you are a Chris Stapleton fan, you will probably like our article as we are going to be discussing some of the guitars used by him. We will also discuss a couple other affordable guitars towards the end, so keep reading. Let’s get right into it.

List of Chris Stapleton Guitar

Fender Player Jaguar Electric Guitar – Pau Ferro Fingerboard

Fender Player Jaguar Electric Guitar - Pau Ferro Fingerboard - Tidepool

Fender has been known for making great guitars for quite a while now. Their Jaguar, just like other guitars from the brand just like PRS guitars, has been a favourite of many fans all over the world for decades now. The guitar has proven its worth as a great companion for beginner, amatuer, professional guitarists alike and made its name in the guitar community. The guitar hsa found a companion in a number of professional and well-renowned artists including but not limited to  Kurt Kobain, Chris Stapleton, Brian Molko, Kevin Shields, John Marr, etc.

One of the most striking features of the guitar is the HS pickup configuration which is a pretty modern feature to have in a Jaguar. This configuration removes the need to have toggle switches and makes switching between sounds very easy and simple. This is a pretty great feature to have, especially for rough players who might sometimes have the tendency to switch by mistake.

In terms of design and build too, the guitar has a pretty decent advantage. The guitar is a great option looking for a classic and stylish finish. The guitar features a complete alder body, accompanied by a maple neck. The guitar features a rather modern 22-fret design and a highly playable C-type neck profile. The guitar features the amazing Alcino II Jaguar Single-Coil pickup for the neck and the Alcino III humbucker pickup for the bridge. The amazing quality of the bridge allows the player to experiment with long and smooth sounding sustains.       

The guitar also makes a good companion for beginners due to the amazing playability and the affordable price point. Although the guitar is pretty steeply priced for beginners, we mean, if you want something great for a good price, this is a great option, if not, you can always choose something cheaper. The guitar definitely lacks behind in some areas as compared to other expensive fender guitars, but considering the price-point, that is not a very big issue.  


  • Alcino II and III pickups. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Maple neck and alder body.
  • Great neck design for amazing playability. 
  • Perfect for amateurs and professionals alike.


  • Moderately expensive for beginners. 
  • Not the best in the product line.

Gibson J-45 Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Gibson J-45 Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst

The last guitar on our list was a pretty good option for anyone looking for an amazing and simple to use electric guitar. But do not worry as we have an equally amazing selection for the fans of acoustic guitars out there. If you have been researching guitars for a while now, there is no way you do not know about the Gibson J-45 Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar. The guitar is one of the most iconic acoustic guitars out there and has been a favorite of many guitarists, both amateur and professional, ever since it came out in the early half of the last century. 

The guitar is undoubtedly one of the most famous guitars by Gibson and has been seen with a number of famous artists including but not limited to Elvis Presley, Elliot Smith, Bob Dylan, etc. 

However, over the years the guitar has been in the market, the guitar has retained the initial quality the guitar had and has been amazing fans till date. 

The guitar is a dreadnought style guitar and has an amazing, deep tone perfect for acoustic covers and performances alike. Tuning to the perfect frequency is an important feature for an acoustic guitar. The Rotomatic tuners that the guitars feature is truly an amazing and high precision tuner. With the 14:1 gear ratio, the tuners allow the user to very minutely tap into our sound and get the best result out of the guitar.  

Another great feature of the guitar is the LR Baggs acoustic pickup that the guitar uses. The guitar also comes with a preamp and along with the onboard setup, the guitar guarantees an amazing and clear sound with a very high sonic range. This is one of the main reasons why so many artists have preferred this guitar for live performances.

The guitar features a rich blond of different materials that give the guitar a rather classy but at the same time, a pretty great sound. The guitar features a Sitka spruce body with a mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard. The rosewood fretboard makes maneuvering very easy, resulting in smooth transitions.

The guitar is a pretty good option for both amateurs and professionals but we do not recommend the guitar to beginners as  the guitar can be a bit too pricey for beginners and thus not the best option.


  • Great LR Baggs pickup.
  • Frequently used by popular artists. 
  • High performance and great sound. 
  • Rich design and build.
  • Perfect for amateurs and professionals. 


  • Not the best option for beginners. 
  • Moderately expensive.

Affordable Alternatives

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Mustang Beginner Short Scale Electric Guitar

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Mustang Beginner Short Scale Electric Guitar - Fiesta Red

If you are looking for an affordable electric guitar that ensures good performance and great sustains, this guitar might be a great option for you. The guitar is perfect for beginners looking for their style and they can experiment on this guitar. The guitar is pretty easy to play and easy to handle.

The guitar has very decent tuners that can very efficiently hold th sound which results in a very balanced and easy to maintain performance. The guitar features a single coil pickup configuration which may not be the best but still is a pretty great feature that gives the guitar a lot of depth and smooth sound. 

The great also is a very good option if build quality is what you are looking for. The guitar features a pretty solid and decent build which is a rich blend of a lot of materials. The body is made of basswood and the guitar features an amazing maple neck, like many other Fender guitars. The fretboard however, is made of rosewood that makes the guitar really smooth to play and thus another great feature for beginners. 

This guitar is a great option for people looking for a decent and powerful performance and that too, in an affordable price range. However, we would  not recommend this guitar for professional or amateur guitarists as this guitar certainly has a few limitations. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Great design and build.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Decent single-coil pickup configuration. 
  • Great playability.


  • Not recommended for amateurs and professionals. 
  • Not the best sound quality.

Epiphone Limited Peter Frampton”1964

Epiphone Limited Peter Frampton"1964" Texan Premium Outfit w/LR Baggs DS-ELE

Keeping up with the pattern, this guitar is an affordable and great option if what you are looking for is an acoustic guitar with great performance. This guitar has a very simple and humble build and even though we do not think this guitar would be the perfect option for professional guitarists, this guitar is certainly a very good option for people who are just starting out with guitars. 

The guitar has a C-profile neck joint, a feature seen in many top notch guitars these days which makes the guitar really smooth and easy to play. The guitar also has LR Baggs pickups set onboard which also improves the sound quality to a great extent. The guitar is a good option for beginners as the guitar does not require a lot of modification after receiving.  Just some basic tuning and you are good to go. 

The guitar body is mostly mahogany with a solid spruce top. The build is pretty solid and decent. The fingerboard and the overall aesthetic of the guitar is pretty decent which makes the guitar an even better option to consider.


  • Great pickups.
  • Good design and build.
  • Affordable.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Does not require a lot of modifications.


  • Not the best sound. 
  • Not recommended for professional setups.


What is Chris Stapleton’s biggest hit?

Among many others, “Traveller” and “The Devil Named Music” are some of his best hits.

Is Fender Squier good for beginners?

Yes, the guitar is very affordable and provides a pretty decent sound. It is recommended for both beginners and amateurs.

Chris Stapleton’s has been part of how many bands?

He has been in a number of bands over his career including The SteelDrivers and the Jompson Brothers.


In this article, we have discussed different Chris Stapleton guitars. We have also listed some other affordable alternatives for you to choose from. We hope you found the article informative.