Epiphone Les Paul II Electric Guitar Review 2021

Epiphone is a brand known for making great quality guitars at affordable rates. Now owned by Gibson, Les Paul Player Pack has everything you need to start playing the guitar right out of the box. If you are a beginner and do not yet understand the other accessory that is required for using an electric guitar, this combo may be the perfect fit for you.

Features of Epiphone Les Paul II

Looks and build: 

Back and body are built of genuine mahogany wood and the fretboard is made of rosewood. the ideal combination gives a warm and nice tone to the guitar resembling the expensive Gibson style. The pattern of vintage sunburst gives this lightweight electric guitar a classic look of the 60s. The neck is made of maple with a top tail bridge system. The craftsmanship and design are exceptional and will be an instant favourite to guitarists of all levels

This guitar is known to last. If youā€™re looking for a long-term investment, Epiphone guitars are a solid option in general. Should you wish to trade or sell the instrument down the road, the resale value is very much in the name

Size and Dimensions:

The Epiphone Les Paul Special II weighs around 22.2 pounds. The total length of the guitar is 41 inches consisting of a body length 18.9inches and a depth of 5.9 inches while the length of the scale is 24.75

Sound and feel:

The guitar has a very versatile sound and a well-balanced feel. The mahogany and rosewood give the guitar an eccentric feel and range of tones and sounds making it suitable for musicians of all genreā€™ alike. The sound and tone quality is better than what you would expect as it resembles the original Gibson and Les Paul guitars in a lot of ways


Features 700T humbuckers at the bridge and Alnico 650R  humbuckers at the neck positions. H-S-S arrangement has a Humbucking pickup at the bridge position, a centered single-coil pickup and a single-coil in the neck position. Open-coil humbucking pickups deliver long, singing sustain and true Les Paul tones.

The LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece add more sustain and make string changing easier. Lithium 1CR-2 batteries are used and a stop tail guitar bridge system is embodied in the six-string instrument.


The amplifier is just adequate for starters; it is loud enough for regular practicing. The chromatic tuner will definitely aid you to start out in the right tune, which is a great advantage for first-timers. 

A strap is available in the package for when you want to stand and play even in the case of a gig suitable for adult and kids alike. It has also got picks and guitar to amplifier cable and a $19 gig bag to protect the guitar from dust and moisture or in case of travel

Another treat, the Les Paul Performance Pack has free downloadable guitar lessons courtesy of eMedia. These lessons from eMediaā€™s provide easy-to-follow instructional videos covering any kinds of songs, be it blues, country, rock, metal, folk or pop. 

A 10-watt Electar guitar amp with a built-in overdrive switch and is great for personal use and you can also plug in a headset for practice and a 10ft guitar cable also is included in the package along with a clip-on headstock 

While the accessories arenā€™t of the greatest quality, they are adequate to start off.

Epiphone Les Paul II Pros and Cons


  • An excellent all-in-one starterā€™s electric guitar package and comes with a warrantyĀ 
  • superior quality of the electric guitars in its price range
  • Free online lessons from eMedia are included
  • Ā Can be used to play all kinds of music genres
  • Suitable for small hands
  • Humbuckers remove the undesirable extra noise in the guitar and make the working relatively smoother
  • The amp is small but has a loud and strong sound to itĀ 


  • The extra items are not of premium quality, they are fine if you are just starting and figuring out components and playing techniques of a guitar
  • Not available for the left-handed audience, needs to be customisedĀ 
  • Amp distortion and buzz effects have considerable complaints from customers

Final review:

The beautiful guitar is well set up and the overall package is a great deal for the price. Meanwhile, the combo saves you research time and money to begin your musical journey. Good care of the guitar will guarantee you the lifetime support. 

Overall product purchase: highly recommend!