Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar Review 2021

The Fender Strat is one of the most iconic guitars to exist. With its dual-cutaway, contoured body, three pickups, and five-way pickup selector, Stratocasters are easily the single-most versatile guitar you can buy. These player Stratocasters are on par with their contemporary Stratocasters but are manufactured highly affordable 

Fender Pawn Shop Series 70s Stratocaster Deluxe Electric Guitar

Features of Fender Player Stratocaster

Look and build: 

The body is made of Alder with a smooth gloss finishing. The material used in the Neck is maple wood, with a modern C shaped neck profile that makes the guitar easy to hold for beginners and small hands. From the quietest chord to the loudest note, and from the rear strap button to the top of the headstock, it’s the very essence of classic Fender design.

Alder is noted for bright, balanced and resonant tone with pronounced upper mid-range, excellent sustain, and sharp attack. The expertise in craftsmanship and high quality materials used is certainly recognizable by the feel of the guitar and the sounds and tones produced

The guitar has a Single coil Guitar Pickup Configuration that is used quite rarely in the guitar world. The radius of the Fingerboard is 9. 5’’ which is a favourite for a lot of players for its ease while playing

Size and dimensions:

The player series guitar weighs around 10 pounds which makes it one of the best lightweight guitar. The total length of the guitar is 41.75 inches consisting of a body length of 15 inches and a depth of 4.5 inches while the length of the scale is 24.75

Sound and feel:

The classic dual-cutaway body makes for easy access to upper frets when you’re playing up high, making the feel of the guitar very comfortable and convenient. From blues, rockabilly, country, classic rock, and many other styles, this strat won’t disappoint.


The updated 2-Point Tremolo Bridge with bent-steel saddles is incorporated in the strat. The 2-point tremolo design has smoother travel for enhanced playing while simultaneously giving you rock-solid tuning stability since there’s less friction against the posts.

 Alnico 5 magnetic pole pieces provide a rich and balanced bass response which otherwise would have caused the pitch to go out and cause pickups to create a buzz.

Stratocasters are highly customizable, and you’ll have a wide variety of pots and pickups, strings and other electronics for creative purposes or when you should need a feel for an upgrade

The volume and tone pots work well, and the pickup selector is very reliable. With the five-way selector, you can choose between the bridge pickup, bridge and middle pickup together, middle pickup, middle and neck pickup together or the Neck pickup

Each position has its own distinct tone and can cover a wide range of music styles.

Good-sounding solid synthetic bone nuts are used as a replica of classic bone. These particular jumbo frets have been used as they tend to appeal to the widest range of players and are a standard for frets all over.


Included inside the package is a Fender case full of goodies like a guitar strap that you could use for a gig or practice, cables for amp, tuner for the strings, capo to make it easier for beginners to play the guitar, extra set of strings and a pair of picks.

Fender Player Stratocaster Pros and Cons


  • Versatile and great for most types of music
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Very good build quality
  • User friendly shaped such that it has a comfortable neck and body
  • Adheres to both left and right handed group of customers


  • Single coil pickups aren’t suited for high gain and distortion
  • the thin neck might not be comfortable for those with bigger hands
  • Fretboard radius doesn’t allow very low action

Final review

From its comfortable neck and body, versatile tones and easy playability, there’s no other guitar that can do all the things and have all the tones like a Stratocaster.

the Player Stratocaster is packed with an authentic Fender feel and style. It will serve your musical vision with (mostly) everything you would expect from a larger and much expensive Stratocaster but at three times cheaper rate and has the potential to replace all of your other guitars unless the metal is your arena